by Hillary Rain

“What is your biggest dream? Creatively,” she asked me. “Honestly. Dream big.”

I've been pondering this for days. So many things rush to the surface because I've always wanted so much—and yet I also know the power of speaking with intention while grounded in truth. What do I want? If I knew that my art would support my life, how would I live?

At the moment, I'm holding myself with a kind of easy and messy grace that allows for transition, re-evaluation, and reinvention. Do I still like what I like? Have my values shifted? What is important? What keeps me awake at night? Do I still want the same things I've always wanted? It's an uncomfortable sort of soul-work yet I allow it. I must allow it.

I'd love to know about you. What is your biggest dream? How would you live if you knew that you would be supported, nourished, and sustained doing what you love?

Hello, love.

In this transitory season I'm waiting for words to find me while I listen to the languages of stillness.

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