by hillary rain |

by hillary rain |

Yesterday was the most beautiful day so far this year.

I lay on my bed with the windows open, afternoon sun spilling warm honey on my skin. Balmy breezes danced with flirty white curtains which swelled with each blown kiss.

There's something about nature which always presses “reset” in my heart. I find such peace simply through closing my eyes and allowing every sense to be filled with natural surroundings: the chorus of songbirds in the trees. The fall of light on my face, bright sun pouring coral through my eyelids. The gentle inhale of sweet spring—honeysuckle, fresh mown grass, the damp earth after rain.

Renewal. Rebirth. Reconnection.

There is grace to find in the simple things. Simple moments, ones we might overlook when we are plunged deep into soulwork or scrambling to make ends meet or caring for a bustling family—I like to think of them as portals, secret passageways to joy, humble doorways to sparkling expressions of the Divine. Invitations. My friend Alicia calls them gratitudes:

Practicing a smokey eye. Good tequila. Sequin skirts with plaid shirts. Lovely magazines. Getting ready to miss my family. Time with all of my girls. Makeup aisles. Family bike rides. Plane tickets. Worst case scenarios. Poetry read to me while I burn black incense. Cracking open. Sleeplessness. Girls who write fiercely. My father in law turning 90. Perspective shifts. Girls who message while I sit at the airport. Tummy tamers. Breaking up with sugar for a bit. Trusting my body. Going out without makeup.

 by hillary rain |

by hillary rain |

Try to be present in your moments today. Where do secret passageways glimmer for you? What moments beg to be noticed? What are your daily graces?

For me?

My beloved who makes our coffee every morning. Light dancing through prisms. Finding a new font to love. Voice memos. A sparkling clean fridge. Slicing open a perfect avocado. Loveletters in the mail. Following my heart. Windchimes. Poetry. Friends who make art. Jasmine tea. Homemade bread with butter. Goodbye kisses. Hello kisses. Just because kisses. The path less traveled. New beginnings. The unknown. Anais Nin. Mercy. My secret rebel club. Bellydancing. Finding the perfect word. Flirty texts. Feeling vulnerable. Soft billowing curtains.

xo, hillary rain