by hillary rain | spiritsoulearth.com

by hillary rain | spiritsoulearth.com


A few years ago I commissioned my friend Mandy Steward to design a tattoo for me. I described what I wanted: a curvy bohemian gypsy girl unlike any we've ever seen who I could place on my chest or back or arm. When I received the finished piece my entire body burst into goosebumps, or what I call soul shivers, because in a small banner within the design Mandy had added three determined words: I will wander.

It's hard for me to describe the paradox I find myself in constantly: a hunger to root down and yet this wanderlust which forbids me to grow complacent for very long. And so I've created a promise for myself. It's the kind of manifesto you might find scrawled along the edges of books, pressed into skin with indigo ink, blurted into being over absinthe and coffee. I call it my wanderer's manifesto.

I will see to this insatiable longing that my blood speaks to me. I won't ignore the siren call of my soul or the ravenous hunger which keeps me always seeking more, more, more. I allow my soul to embody herself however she desires and invite the guides of childlike curiosity and wonder and faith to move me. I will not forget that I Am: I am life, I am love, I am home. I will live my days with beauty, truth, compassion, and joy so that everywhere I go I will bring a remembrance of home with me. I will embrace mystery. I will love both my roots and my wild. I will wander. I will dwell. I will love. Wherever I am, there I will be free.

xo, Hillary Rain

What would your wanderer's manifesto say? I would love to know. xo.

Finding Home in that which is hidden. Sensing the Sacred in everything. Wandering into the Wild. All is magic. All is Mystery. All is grace.— The Wild Mystics

You can wander with Mandy and me starting this Sunday. We go dark for a shadowy night in the shadowlands of the soul and there is room for you, love.