My heart has been brainstorming, and reassessing this creative space here at The Bohemian Collective.  When I first created the seed of this space, a blog was not even in the picture.  The original idea stemmed from my lifelong longing of wanting to own a shop where I showcased artwork from all of my favorite designers in one place.  Through watching my own artistic endevours grow in an online community, I realized I could find a way to do this virtually.  The more I pondered on that idea, I realized I did not really want it to be a marketplace, but more of a creative extension of our collective works... So I combined my love for creative photography and amazing artists, into a seasonal lookbook idea.  That was the seed of this here blog.  The simple original idea to bring together a bunch of like minded creative souls, and show off our work in collections of photoshoots...

As the project evolved, and I realized it was becoming the real deal, ideas grew and expanded, naturally, as most creative works do.  I got the crazy idea that we could actually do some good, and some how give back to our community in a tangible way.  This idea became our donation idea.  Each season we would pick an organization we believed in, who was doing loving work in this world, and we chose To Write Love On Her Arms.  As all of these ideas flowed through my mind, I realized there needed to be a homepage, to organize and showcase all of this work, which in turn became this beautiful blog designed by Kelly Ann of The Flowerchild Dwelling.  

I was so involved in creating the lookbook and working on creating the blog, that the actual content of this blog was an afterthought.  Actually, right after the launch of the first lookbook, I quickly realized.... I needed to decide what I was going to put into this space besides just our lookbooks.  I decided I wanted to keep it going with the creative artistic bohemian vibe, along with sharing posts about awareness and hope, correlating to the organization we chose to donate to.  I have found over the past few months this blog has been alive, that going back and forth between these two extremes has been very difficult for me, and Ive only posted one actual post towards the latter, more important goal.  So... this is where I have come to now.  You are witnessing me brainstorm as I type.  You are witnessing an evolution of this space that does not yet have a voice or a face.  But is yearning to be seen.  

As I prepare the next lookbook, which is due to be launched tentatively on August 15th, I will be integrating some new daydreams here in this space.  Im hoping it will be more collaborative, with other voices spreading their love here as well.  The intention and focus will be on sharing more of the beautiful bohemian fashion and photography, and moodboards you have seen here before... Along with posts about soulful life journeys, body nourishment, sacred healing, music muses and most of all, love and light.  

Thank you for coming along this journey with me.  Sometimes the beautiful thing about a journey is that we dont know where we are headed, or where we will end up.  But it is up to us to keep dreaming, keep believing and keep sharing.  This is what I intend to do here.  Let's grow and change together.  

Laura of The Bohemian Collective