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In honor of the full blue moon today, Id like to invite Marissa Moondaughter in our space to share some words about the sacred connection between owls and the moon.  This is the first part in a series on lunar animals.  Enjoy!

The ritual of following and learning from animals is practiced throughout the world. Animal Spirits, or Guides, take the form and pure essence of the animal it represents to help us learn valuable lessons for our own souls and sacred journeys. All animals have a pure soul that we can learn from and draw upon. In honor of the beautiful new look book, Autumn Moon, this will be a series of Lunar Animal Spirits. May we learn to navigate through the light of the moon with the animals as our guides.

The Owl has long been associated the with moon. She is the initiator of women's mysteries- the moon's feminine "yin" energy, and is sacred to the Waning/Dark Moon. She is a fierce warrior of the night, with steady eyes and a sharp focus. The piercing light of her eyes is a reminder there is light upon the dark path no matter how doubtful it might be. Her eyes stare deeply into one's soul, making her the bird of wisdom and Totem Animal of Athena, the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom. To the Pawnee tribe, the Owl is a symbol of protection. And in Wales, the Owl is associated with fertility, another aspect of the moon.The Owl is also associated with our ancestors. In essence, the Owl can navigate the dark realms of the night and still sustain her nourishment; if you feel lost, the Owl can help you find your true path once again. 
Owl Medicine is mysterious and draws you into your own darkness, but have no fear, the Owl would never lead you into a battle you cannot defeat. The Owl guides you to the light in the dark; she would never lead you astray. If you feel her pull, meditate upon the Owl for the next couple of days, and see where this takes you. You can sit quietly in the light of the moon, or in your sacred space, and meditate upon a picture of an owl, or visualization in your mind. Notice any messages or images that come up for you. Also notice which chakra responds more, or notice any other physical reactions. Is there apart of you, a shadow, you are afraid to face? Even our shadows need love. Love them fiercely. Let your intuition lead you, for this is where the Owl resides-- in our subconscious, intuitive layers. Working with owl medicine can also help you see the truth more clearly in your relationships with others and yourself. The Owl has a knack for penetrating the strongest walls. 

If you feel that the Owl is your Totem Animal, the primary animal essence in your own life force, you maybe more of an old soul. Your energy is more active during the night, and that is when a lot of your projects get  taken care of, because like the Owl, you are more focused under the moonlight. You may need to balance your energy with more solar "yang" energy. Take sometime to enjoy what the sun has to offer and how it affects you, and work with brighter colors to wear, or stones such as citrine or tiger's eye.

May this post help you connect more to what the Animal Spirit's wish you to learn.

Some great resources:

Steven Farmer's website , also his book Animal Spirit Guides

Ted Andrew's Animal Speak

I want to thank Laura for asking me to contribute to the Collective. I am so honored to be in this sacred space.

Love and Lunar Blessings,