Today I am so very excited to bring you our first giveaway here on The Bohemian Collective!  And not just any giveaway, but a chance to participate in Squam's art class by Alena Hennessy, Abundant Wild Life

About Abundant Wild Life

Abundant Wild Life is a four-week online workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn skills and techniques directly from Alena. Her thoughtfully crafted curriculum brims with exercises and information that will help you develop your own voice and style through a powerful approach to creativity that integrates mind, body & spirit.Whatever your experience level from pure beginner eager to jump in, all the way to accomplished artist looking to dive deeper into your work, Alena will help you find new ways of self-expression.As with any creative venture, you can expect serendipitous events to surprise you in the most delightful ways, but you can also plan on the following core activities:

  • Working with all sorts of mixed-media elements including, but not limited to: acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, India ink, masking fluid, collage, art pens.
  • Journaling
  • Basic digital photography (your smartphone camera works great for this!)
  • Simple meditation, energy healing, and yoga techniques to gently loosen up the body
  • An introduction to plant spirit medicine (herbal tea and flower essences) for enhanced creativity, emotional well-being and support.
To learn more about how the class works, and more about Alena herself, please visit here.  Below are a few images from past artists who participate.  To see links to their works and more from other artists, please visit here.  If you would like to here what some of the past participants are saying about this class, visit here.
1. natasha piedallu van wyk
2. megan thompson
3. lynda creed
4. janet melton


tell why you would like to take this class, what you would like to cultivate from it...


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p.s.  visit my dear sweet friend, Rain's blog, for a chance to win a custom flower essence blend created by Alena! 

(giveaway ends on sept.24th, and winner will be announced here on the 25th.  In time for you to prepare for the class to begin on Oct. 1st)

Laura of The Bohemian Collective