This is the beautiful home of Ally Sands, the designer behind Aquarian Soul.  I'm a fan of her creative works in her shop, using elements of healing gemstones that have been cleansed and energized under the full moon.  Her work varies from jewelry to dreamcatchers to embroidery works.  After finding her work and falling in love, I came across a few images of her home on Moon to Moon, and fell in love even deeper.  These images below just make me want to spend days with her, chatting about this and that, and soaking up the sacredness she has placed around her home.  I truly love when someone allows their home, or bedroom, to fully become their sacred space, all around them.  It is after all the place we spend so much of our time in.  To surround yourself with elements that call you home, to that inner spirit, creates not just a home, but a sanctuary.  There is so much love and intention in this space.  It warms my soul.
Ally is an inspiration to me.  Through her home, her artwork, her crystal digging and more.  Visit her online here: shop // blog // twitter // facebook

Laura of The Bohemian Collective