(art by Maike Plenske)

Im a huge First Aid Kit fan.  When I first found their music I almost couldn't believe my eyes and ears.  Their musical style and harmonies just felt like home to me, then seeing their own personal style, I fell in love even more.  A new video to one of their off the album tracks, Wolf, just came out and I couldn't be more over the moon.  I have been loving this song for a while, and to put the visual along with it, just adds a whole new dimension.  The imagery speaks to me so deeply, and reminds me so much of the introductory story, La Loba, in the book Im reading, Women Who Run With The Wolves.  It is profoundly amazing, all of the external ties I have found that relate to the words I have read.  It's like the universe has come together and woven a web so intricately beautiful and raw, and the moonlight is shining on it just right, so that I can now see it for my own eyes.  It's amazing.  Simply amazing.  And this video might not have any ties what-so-ever to that book, but for me it does. 

Enjoy this mesmerizing video.

And just for some extra beautiful imagery to look at, here are a few pics of Johanna and Klara.  So stunning.  It's amazing to watch younger girls come into their own artistry like this.  A beautiful journey they are on.  The two larger images are from their recent spread in Elle Sweden.

Laura of The Bohemian Collective