"Dolphin was traveling the oceans one day as Grandmother Moon was weaving the patterns of the tides. Grandmother Moon asked Dolphin to learn her rhythms so that he could open his female side to her silvery light. Dolphin began to swim to the rhythm of her tide weaving, and learned to breathe in a new way. As Dolphin continued to use this new rhythm, he entered the Dreamtime. This reality was a new and different place from the seas he had known." -Indigenous Myth



The ocean is a vast and mysterious world. This watery realm and all creatures who dwell here are controlled by Luna's ebb and flow. One of the most famous creatures living under her waves is the Dolphin. Their sweet and playful nature has long fascinated us and warmed our hearts. We can learn so much from this beautiful animal of the sea. 

For one, the Dolphin is in the shape of a crescent, symbolizing not only the playful waxing moon, but also the darker waning moon. With this in mind, the Dolphin represents balance. Balance of playfulness, sociability, with that of alone time, looking inward,  and reflection. As the waning moon arrives, these creatures can be your gentle guides helping you to delve deep into your soul depths, as they dive deep into the dark sea. When you need a boost of freshness, especially around the waxing moon, the Dolphin makes a great ally and friend. Autumn, especially around the equinox, is a time of balance and a great time to meditate on the Dolphin.



The Dolphin is not only known for the element of water, but also the realm of air. Breathing is important for all life, so the Dolphin reminds us to breathe deeply and fully. We humans, can easily take for granted our breath since it is automatic-- we forget we are breathing sometimes. Dolphins must control each breath and find the fine balance of exploring the ocean's depths, and coming up to breathe. Remember to come up for air once in a while. Any breathing exercises which force us to take deeper, fuller breathes, filling our lungs completely is great Dolphin medicine. With school starting again, the holiday season approaching, everything can get a little overwhelming, so remember the Dolphin and remember to breathe.



Honoring the elements of water and air in your life can also bring more Dolphin medicine to you. Swim more, drink more water, let the wind blow in your air, light some incense; respect these elements and you will add more balance to your well being.

Here are some breathing exercises to try:


Love and Lunar Blessings, 

Marissa Moondaughter