I am counting my pennies to buy these two shirts above.  The organization that The Bohemian Collective has chosen to donate to,

To Write Love On Her Arms

, just came out with

a new shirt design

and it couldn't be more stellar.  It's hard to see from this pic above, but the small words written on the banner in the bird say '

please stay alive

'.  As someone who has experienced losing someone close to my heart to suicide, that line brings wells of emotion to me.  I love and respect what this company does and I would be honored to wear this shirt.  They have a few other styles to choose from as well.  

If you are not wanting a new shirt, but would still like a way to contribute, we still have our

donation page

set up.  Even if everyone just donated $1, it would make a difference!  We (the bohemian collective) do not gain a dime from this, every penny goes straight to

To Write Love On Her Arms

.  We have just chosen them as an inspiring organization who is making change in the world through their hearts and efforts. 



of The Bohemian Collecitve