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Do you hear the howling in the woods? Do you feel the stirring in your soul, willing you to follow the call? In the spirit of the Full Moon, let us connect with this howling inside of us yearning to be free. Your Wild Woman within is ready to be set free. Let us seek the Wolf together.

Find a place to sit or lay quietly (under the Full Moon if you can) where you won't be disturbed. Turn off you cell phones (or put on airplane mode if it is your music player) and be here now. You can put some meditation music on as well to set the mood with candles, or better yet, play music with drumming to awaken the wild woman within you. A drumming app I like is the Mindful Bear app. I put it on the Ceremonial Drum, because it is slower and puts me in a meditative state faster.

Now that you are prepared, let us begin...

Close you eyes and focus on your breathing. Notice how you are breathing naturally. Do not judge, just notice. Sit like this for a couple of breaths.

Now starting lowering your breath until you are breathing into your belly; let your belly relax and expand with the inhale, and deflate with the exhale. Breathe in and out of your nose. Keep this kind of breathing for the breath exercise below.

Inhale on 3 Exhale for Do this for 10 breaths.

Now let's slow it down. Exhale for Do this 10 times.

Now inhale for one...two...three..four...five...six and exhale for Do this between 5 to 10 times

This ensures complete relaxation and a meditative state. When you are ready begin the guided meditation below:

You are in the middle of a clearing in a forest. It is a crisp, cool, Autumn night; the stars are out, the Full Moon cast a glowing aura across the land. You feel the sacred energy buzzing all around you and you know you are safe and protected and loved. 

You hear a howling in the woods. How do you respond to this howling? How does it make you feel? You feel the urge to answer the call. You start heading in that direction towards the forest. The howling continues so you chase it. Feel yourself running through the trees. Feel your feet on the cool, damp soil. Feel the crisp air dancing in your hair. Feel how free you are in this moment, running towards the call. The moon's light is veiled in the thick trees, but you are not led by sight, but by an inner knowing...where do you feel this inner knowing in your body? Place your hand on this area and feel the energy of your inner knowing reawakening. 

You start to hear other footprints behind and around you, but they are not like your own. They are padded and four-legged. You realize you are running in your pack. You are not afraid because you know they will not harm you. You are family. You are linked together on a soul level. How many wolves do you see? What do they look like? How do they make you feel? Run and play with them while moving towards the howling drawing you all closer together.

You eventually follow you pack until you reach a cliff. From the cliff you see the Full Moon high in the night sky shining down on thousands upon thousands of acres of forest. Take in this breathtaking view for a moment.

Your attention is then drawn to the pack looking to a set of huge rocks along the cliff's path. You see a large shadow sitting there watching you all. You realize this is the leader of your pack and where the howling was coming from. What does your pack leader look like? Is it a male or female? What is their energy feel like? Remember, they do not want to harm you, just to connect with you. 

Your leader beckons you closer. You are compelled to stand before them in the moonlight. Your leader gazes upon you gently and patiently. You can now have a dialogue with your leader. Ask them any questions and wait for their answer and listen. It can be a feeling, an image, a voice. Trust your first instinct; inner knowing. And now talk to your leader.

When you feel guided to withdraw, you thank your leader for their time with you and walk back to the pack. You know it is time to collectively howl at the Full Moon as a family. What do you wish to release with this howling? What do you wish to celebrate? What do you wish to manifest? Let these feelings build up inside you... through your root chakra and up through your crown at the top of your head. Let your chakras open and glow in their colors. When you feel ready to release this energy into the universe, howl with your pack! You may even feel the instinct to howl out-loud, and that is okay! Do it if it feels right! Feel yourself opening to the collective energy around you and know you are connected to all other living things. With each howl release your doubts, celebrate your blessings, and howl out your desires. Your pack is supporting you, adding to the energy and manifestation. Howl as long as you feel compelled to.

When you stop howling, your pack stops as well. Feel this energy and silence buzzing around you. Become aware of your senses; your physical sensations, hearing, taste, and smell. Now ground the energy in your body. Imagine a bright shimmering light pouring down the top of your head, down your spine and all the way down into your feet. What color is the light? Send the energy from your feet into the Earth, soaking it deep down into its roots. You hear the padded paw-prints trot away, and you know it is time to go and the pack is retreating back into the woods. 

You look down at your feet and you see your leader has left you a gift. What is it? You pick it up and put it in your pocket. Know you always have this talisman and pack to come back to.

Now start to physically come back to your body, wiggle your toes, focus on your breathing, and when you are ready open your eyes. It is a good idea to eat a little something or drink some water to ground yourself if you need to. Also, if you can, journal about your experience when it is still fresh in your mind. Be on the look out for any messages from nature and animal spirits or in your dreams for the next week or so.

Thank you so much. I hope this meditation helps you on your path.

Guest post by:

Marissa Moondaughter