After so much anticipation to share this with you loves, I finally present to you, MYSTIC MOON, our 2012 winter collection.  Please play the music along with it if you so desire.  To view full screen, press the play button in the center of the lookbook.  (You must play the music player first though if you want to enjoy that with it).  We would love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below when your done!  So much time and love went into this project, and each of the artists you see on the sidebar have done their share to make this baby come to life.  Take a moment to visit our 'Meet The Artists' page to visit everyone's shops and social sites.  You may find some new loves you have not seen before.  Also, we have changed our charity this season to Sevenly.  I love what this company does with their weekly causes, and I think you might too.  The best part is that they support a new charity each week, and all of them are super worthy causes.  Take some time to poke around the blog and see all of the new changes...  In a few days, we will also have a pin page available where you can pin all of the images from our new lookbook, including the ones that were cut!  Enjoy!


Laura and the whole Bohemian Collective team