On 12.12.12 I created

this treasury

on etsy as a little manifestation of intentions for the year ahead.  The shift going on in the world, and in myself is undeniable.  Ive felt it coming for a long time, well before I attributed it to the changing of times.  It's just been a natural pull from within to cleanse, re-arrange, contemplate my path, dig deeper, and prepare for new ways.  It's been a long, slow process, and one that is well away from being complete.  In actuality, will never be complete.  This is only another beginning.  My choices above are things that speak to my heart during this time.  A few healing tools, a few metaphorical items, and some very very personal healing issues going on within me.  This is most definitely a wishlist of sorts, but even if I never actually hold any of these pieces in my hand, they are all things that are going on within me regardless.  

In a short synopsis these items to me represent my healing path with grief, loss, depression, sexual issues, fertility, balance, love, moon flow and my general purposes between the earth, the spirit and myself.  This is my path that I am unfolding.  I am choosing to walk through it with intention, gentleness and an open heart for learning as I go.  A constant student and gardener in this life of mine. 



of The Bohemian Collective

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