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I’d like to take you on a journey with me, to a place that is dear to my heart…..

Peru is a country of warmth and color. The food is spicy, the people friendly, the scenery breathtaking.

A cross-country trip will take you from glaciers high in the Andes to astounding expanses of desert, from the colorful Amazon jungle to sandy beaches dotted with palm trees. Here in Peru, ancient history and indigenous culture rub shoulders with modern cities and the metropolis of Lima.

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There are fifty one different indigenous peoples in Peru and the country’s history dates back thousands of years. Incan and pre-Incan ruins can still be found just outside many of the major cities and the land seems to vibrate with ancient energy.

Deep in the jungle and high in the Andes, the indigenous communities continue to live close to the land, in harmony with nature. Art, ceremony, medicine, and healing practices all are rooted in a deep respect for the Pachamama…our mother earth. Shamans and healers from many of Peru’s indigenous communities use plant medicines (such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro), vision work, and other ancient practices to heal heart, body, and spirit.

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Despite its rich culture and history, Peru struggles with poverty, pollution, and deforestation. The indigenous people constantly fight against the mining, gas, and forestry companies to keep their land, resources, and way of life.

My own history with Peru began when I traveled to Latin America at the age of 18.  7,000 feet in the Andes, I found myself falling in love—with a culture, a country, and a man who would later become my husband. I’m grateful to consider Peru my second home and to have the opportunity to spend time there each year. The country and its people have opened my heart and taught me some of the deepest life lessons……

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Guest post by Catie of Spirit Y Sol.