This Full Moon I felt called to pull a card from my Animal Spirit Guide Deck. I focused on this Full Moon- the Seed Moon, and what the animal spirits want us to know right now. I drew the Meerkat. 

What is your first impression of the image? What feelings does it invoke in you? I asked my boyfriend this and he said, "The Lion King" ;)

My first impression of the image is active, solar energy. Opposite of the moon! But as Spring emerges, we need the sun to activate life and warmth. There is increased energy in plants as they begin to bud and bloom; birds and animals begin to mate and create new life. Spring brings a renewal to spirit! There is a playfulness the Meerkat brings to us, so remember to be joyful and light-hearted!

The New Moon in March, asked us to dream about the seeds we want to plant and bloom into being. And now we are being called to activate this energy. The Meerkat reminds us to stay social in our groups, and seek out the groups and people we need to keep us supported and inspired in our endeavors. The card does say, "Get support from a trusted group of like-minded friends."

Other associations with Meerkats are: Maternal instinct; community; family; vigilance; group support; observation; intelligence; energy conservation; communication; resilience; playfulness; grooming; protectiveness

What associations resonate with you?


Remember to go check out The Full Moon report from KV for your signs and partake in the beautiful rituals Katelyn and I have created for you! Happy Full Moon!

Guest post by Moondaughter