This may be the first piece in a series that I've wanted and planned to do for a long time, called Emmanation. I've been circling around it, searching for the entry point. Done sketches, photographed different models, with the intention to depict women of all ages and appearances, and I've discussed collaborations with musicians and choreographers. But maybe it will begin and unfold like this. One piece at a time, alternating between abstract and figurative elements, with myself as the main, or only model, eventually creating a larger narrative.

The initial idea came when I was doing my BA in Comparative Religion. When studying mysticism within the Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions, I came across fascinating ideas about mystical meanings and usages of letters, words and alphabets. About the sacred having emmanated, descended, through a series of steps into this world as written texts. The sacred referred to as a text, words, or The Word, and specific texts as the sacred embodied. This in relation to the human body, as both being described as a part of the sacred, the sacred manifested, and as something apart from it, especially the female body. And I wanted to work with this. Use texts from these traditions, photograph them in relation to the female body. Experiment with the idea of embodiment, and define the female body as something of equal sacredness as these texts, these scriptures.

Undo might be a first piece in this project. An entry point, without a clear path forming beyond it. A piece about transforming false perceptions and concepts. Peeling them off and listening to something else.


56 x 27 x 6 centimeter.

Mixed media: Frame parts, wooden board, photographs, oil, wax.