I'd love to share with you this label called Wolftress.  So much more than just a label... below I will share some words straight from their website describing what their line is all about.  The images are ones I have taken of the two charms they sent me, along with a ritual bottle with a feather, herbs, stone and candle, to honor my inner wolftress.


"Many moons ago a legend was told about the Wolftress, a guardian of the land who travelled across deserts and seas, collecting stories and wisdom from tribal elders. To this day we feel her adventuring spirit whispering deep within all of us as a reminder to explore and to question. The Wolftress spirit is remembered with a single unified symbol that connects us. Like her, we choose to move to the beat of a different drum."



Each Wolftress project is inspired by an indigenous community that has captivated our hearts and imagination. Each individual item imparts with you the peoples’ stories and skills that we have gathered on our journey from community to community. Our products are created using traditional fabrics, handmade by indigenous artisans working with respect towards their environment, beliefs and culture.An exclusive piece from Wolftress allows you to support their economic sustainability and the continuation of their craft – preserving high-quality skills from ancient cultures that have been passed down through countless generations.


A language dies every 14 days and with it we lose a culture’s collective skills, memories and stories that have been passed down by elders through generations.

- 538 cultures in the world are critically endangered (UNESCO)

As these beautiful, unique, and diverse traditions are diluted, humanity loses a piece of its spirit.

With every Wolfish charm purchase 15% of the profits go towards preserving indigenous cultures.


The charms shown in this post are from Wolftress's recent campaign, Wolftress Awakening.  You can view images from it here on their blog.