Deep roots are not reached by the frost
— J.R.R Tolkien

It's so important to nourish our roots. The roots of who we are lay the foundation for the way we live. Here are a few ways to connect to this energy:

Begin with self-love. Love who you are right now in this very moment. You are enough.

Create nourishing self-love rituals. Taking time to do what nourishes your soul is the ultimate form of self-care. You know you are worth your time. Take that bath, practice your asanas, create. Do what you love.

Forgive your past. This can be so hard. Showing love and compassion to yourself and others for wrong doings frees our soul. Our past creates the roots of how we live today. They are the lessons our soul learns and grows from. Be grateful.

Ground yourself. Walk barefoot on the soil. connect to nature, our plant and animal friends. They are teachers and companions. Nature reminds us where we come from and our place in this beautiful cycle of life.

Taking time each day to nourish your roots will keep you connected to your center. You will go through your daily grind with more ease and love. Healthy roots create healthy and sustaining habits. You are so worth it.