photography // katelyn demidow
concept + styling + modeling + photo editing // laura mazurek
makeup // cosmic bath and beauty
kimono + boots // lulu*
third eye crop top // skyline fever
silver velvet tank top + long black sparkle vest // mamie ruth
tiedye leggings // wildflower dyes
gypsy moon headband + earrings + laboradite ring + crescent moon ring // roots and feathers
crescent moon necklace + moon arm band // gypsy lane
hammered silver moon phase necklace // aurora shadow
moonstone shield ring + double finger crystal ring // star native
geometric moon cut out ring // twisted whimsy

K32A0850 [1600x1200].png
K32A0821 [1600x1200].png
K32A0858 [1600x1200].png
K32A0844 [1600x1200].png
K32A0837 [1600x1200].png
K32A0853 [1600x1200].png
K32A0869 [1600x1200].png
K32A0848 [1600x1200] [1600x1200].png
K32A0863 [1600x1200].png
K32A0842 [1600x1200].png
K32A0874 [1600x1200].png
K32A0899 [1600x1200].png
K32A0926 [1600x1200].png
K32A0922 [1600x1200].png
K32A0929 [1600x1200].png
K32A0953 [1600x1200].png
K32A0965 [1600x1200].png
K32A0990 [1600x1200].png
K32A0982 [1600x1200].png
K32A0956 [1600x1200].png
K32A1002 [1600x1200].png
K32A0995 [1600x1200].png
K32A1034 [1600x1200].png
K32A1049 [1600x1200].png
K32A1023 [1600x1200].png
K32A1064 [1600x1200].png