Mmmm... music. It can calm our souls, help us grieve, encourage our dreams, heal our broken hearts, make us dance, give us freedom, and joy, and comfort. We're never alone when we resonate with a certain song or artist or album. Music is, truly, one of the very best things in life, isn't it? I've shared music on my blog for quite a few years now, and it's something that has connected me to so many readers, friends, and musicians. Music connects us in beautiful, deep, and rad ways, and I'm grateful & inspired.

Today, I wanted to share Emma Louise and her drop-dead gorgeous tunes with you. I stumbled across a song called Jungle that she released a few years ago, and knew I'd found something special. She released her full-length album, Vs Head Vs Heart, last year and it's become one of my very favorite records. You know those albums you always go back to after a while? That's Vs Head Vs Heart for me. With Emma's angelic voice and heartfelt, honest lyrics, this album is sure to find a place in your collection. Listen to my favorite song on the record, 17 hours, below.

In other news - I said goodbye to my old blog, The Flowerchild Dwelling, and have rebranded to include both my blog & design business. You can visit Spirit & Haven here. I'm stoked for the future!

xoxo, Kelly Ann

+ Listen to Vs Head Vs Heart: Spotify | Rdio | iTunes | Emma's Website