Happy International Self Love Day!!! Take the time today to say how much you love yourself! In honor of our sacred selves, the Boho Tribe got together today to share some of our sacred spaces. A place we can unwind and connect with ourselves once again.

Enjoy loves! What is your sacred space?

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Moondaughter // One of my new sacred spaces is my nightstand. It used to be messy with books, cups, and papers all scattered around, but I have been really mindful of what I put there recently. This is the first thing I wake up to and fall asleep next too - so it should feel special. I have a few treasured books, soothing crystals, a yummy candle, and a tarot deck to draw a card or two, and when I turn the salt lamp on it casts an enchanting glow.... perfection!


Kelly Ann // Ever since I was a kid, my bedroom has been my sanctuary. I could be a free spirit out in the world, dancing and exploring and having adventures, but I always knew I could escape to my room to dream, and read, and lip-sync to my favorite songs in the mirror. Today, my bedroom is where I go to breathe, pray, get lost in a book, take a nap, listen to records, and watch good films. It's an eclectic mix of textures, thrift finds, lots of candles, heirlooms, twinkle lights, gifts from friends (including our own Laura Mazurek), and treasures from all over the world. Some of my favorite pieces include a kantha quilt from India, and my mother's heirloom trunk that came with her family when they immigrated to the States from England.


Wild Rain // This space is sacred to me because it invites me to slow, to soft, to holy hush. I light incense and close my eyes. I breathe deep. This is my secret portal to contemplation, a ritual which signifies a door closed against the world and a threshold crossed into the intimate labyrinth of my soul.


Leah //  My sacred space is my bedroom. It's so ethereal and the morning light is just as lovely as the evening with all of my twinkle string lights hung from the ceiling.

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Laura // I consider this corner of my home sacred because it is an area I spend alot of time in.  The natural light that comes through the window draws me.  This spot constantly changes in decor, but continues to hold a special place for me.  Currently it is my soul work corner... A place where I can come to and sit with myself, write, read my birthchart, do my tarot, etc.  I have also used this spot in my home for many of my personal emotive photoshoots, so there has been alot of energy captured here in this spot.  It is also a spot where the sun shines through on my crystal my dad gave me that hangs in my window, shooting rainbows all over my house in the morning.  It always gives me a sense of him being with me.  It is also the window that makes my day feel fresh when I pull back my thick curtains to let the light in


The Boho Tribe