As we draw closer to Halloween, Samhain, and Dia de Los Muertos, we enter a season of darkness, introspection, and "thin veils." In many cultures and histories, this is the time of year when the veil that separates us from the spirit world grows thin, allowing us to have an easier time accessing that which is usually beyond us. Now, I'm not necessarily saying that you will hear voices or speak to dead people. For me, this time is more of an opportunity -- magic is at our fingertips and the time is ripe for alchemy and transformation.

During this season of long, dark nights, we tend to go inward. The season calls for it. The nights are long, the moon is bright, and the leaves and plants fall to the earth, composting, returning to source. This is an important time for our spirits and bodies. The inward journey is just as valuable as the outward one, and honoring it can bring us many rewards.

As the veils thin, tune into yourself and the energies around you. Use this activated time to create movement and realization in your dreams and desires. Use this magic to activate and manifest any intentions you might have right now. Call upon your ancestors for guidance and help, and look to the moon and stars for extra-powerful assistance at this time.

For those of you who may be highly sensitive, this can be an overwhelming time as information may be coming in from many channels. Stay grounded. This is also the season of earth and rain and, as I mentioned above, compost. Compost is a beautiful metaphor in many ways -- this is the season to release what is done, to release the leaves and flowers from the past year and let them fall around us to decay into our soil, to break down into essential nutrients that will then feed our sources for the next cycle of growth and blooming. In this way, nothing is wasted. No experience will go unappreciated; all of it can be used in the building of what comes next.

This may be a good time to call in extra protection, as energies are high and active. If you have a protective amulet you love, wear it. This will help you to access the information you need while not taking on other energies that don't serve you. Essential oils can also be a wonderful tool for protection and grounding -- add them to your bath or to a diffuser. Some of my favorite oils to ground me out are lavender and bergamot, but I've also read that tree essential oils can be powerful in grounding because of the immensely grounded nature of trees. If this calls to you, perhaps try sandalwood or cedar and see how it feels.

Above all, this time of dark nights and bright magic is exciting and powerful. We should always be tuning in and using the universal resources to help us achieve our dreams, but i think that this time is especially good to take extra measures to call in what we want. Give thanks to all those who came before you and contributed to your lineage of love and life. This is a good time to remember that you might have more help than you think.


All the love,

Sadie Rose

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