LUNAR ECLIPSE - Full Moon in Aries

Tomorrow morning at dawn, we will experience a full moon and total lunar eclipse. This is a great time, of course, to tune in and open up to any gains/releases this particular moment my be presenting to you. For me personally, I've been working on opening up and surrendering to the massive emotional transformations that I undergo during the full moon each month. I used to resist it -- I used to feel anxiety around the inevitable emotional meltdown that would ensue. It wasn't always tears and sobbing, but inevitably, each full moon, I would feel something inside of me wrap up it's cycle, leave me with it's blessings, and vacate my space. Letting go is a lot of work for me, and so each time it happens, I'd go through a response process that was full-spectrum and left me needing lots of rest.

Surrender is key! For me, now I can move through these moments with much more grace, allowing the discomfort to arrive, but not to destroy. Walking through the fire is always a powerful way to purify.

That being said, here are a couple gems I've found to share with you all as we approach this powerful portal tomorrow.

First, from my go-to astrology source, The Power Path:

"This is truly an intense and possibly highly emotional time that will trigger and push everything to the edge and beyond. Instead of retreating or freezing up in fear and terror, go out and become part of the storm. Harness the tremendous energy that has the potential to feed your creativity and dreams in ways you could never have imagined.

Stay away from drama that is not yours, as there will be some out there that react to this level of energy by projecting it into negativity and fear. Keep your frequency high, and always turn your focus towards the truth of what works for you. This full moon and eclipse triggers a two week time frame of revolutionary intensity that can either propel you into radical transformation or have you falling off [your center]. Your ability to pay attention, and to stay focused and present while also allowing yourself to grab the power of the storm, will be key to staying firmly [in balance].

It is also imperative that you do not engage in fights or anger that may be triggered by this fiery energy. They are not useful and will only push you off the stool. So walk away. Expect meltdowns. Stay neutral."  (Lena Stevens, The Power Path)

Next, a friend of mine shared this quote today that resonated, and so I want to pass it on to all of you:

"Love is the opposite of fear. Fear keeps love out but when we can love, it heals the fear. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not worthy of love but need to do something or be a certain way to have love. This is the real awakening that is taking place inside each of us, remembering that each of us are loved by Creator. We came into this world as the embodiment of Divine Love. Our essential self is only Love. We are not here to be loved, but to Be Love!" (Sibyl Star)

Big blessings to you all as we move through this eclipse and transition more deeply into Autumn!

All the Love,

Sadie Rose

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