5 ways to get deeply rooted for the holidays by Stephanie Perkinson


1) Slow it down.

Despite popular belief, you have the power to dictate when the holidays happen for you. It’s totally acceptable to want to pace yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be done at once. It’s all about savoring the joy of the season in bite-sized chunks. Make this season like the best spread of appetizers ever. What will be on the menu this year?

2) Use your hands.

There is something pretty fantastic about getting your hands dirty for the ones you love. Crafting not your thing? Take a breath, smile and skip the handknit mittens in favor of a handwritten note to your best friend instead.

5 ways to get deeply rooted for the holidays by Stephanie Perkinson

3) Bring the outdoors in.

There is nothing that makes you appreciate the season more than inviting Mother Nature in for a bit. It allows us to connect deeper to the world beyond our wallets and expand our vision. Ignore the pressure to decorate every corner of your home. A beautiful vase with some greenery and red berries tucked in can instantly cozy up your sacred space. Less is more.

4) Nourish yourself.

Yup, it’s that time of year when we are all asked to not be thinking too much about ourselves. I think that’s a beautiful thing but not when you begin to feel rundown and depleted. I invite you to check in with yourself, what do you really need in this moment? Perhaps it’s skipping the office party in favor of sinking into a hot tub or remember to throw something yummy in the slow cooker so you have a home-cooked and grounding meal instead of takeout tonight.  

5) Do it your way.

Just because it looks a certain way in the movies or at a friends home doesn’t mean it has to look that way at yours. Do what makes you and your loved ones glow. Create new traditions that nourish your spirits and allow you to sink roots right where you are. The holidays season is all about joy and creating special memories and moments that you’ll carry in your heart in the new year. Do it your way and shine.

XO, Stephanie

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