Image by  Alex Benetel

Image by Alex Benetel

Today we are welcoming in a New Moon in Sagittarius with open arms... 

Imagine a world where we didn’t always feel the need to defend our side, our religion, our race, our political party, our sports team, to the point of getting angry and wanting to fight another in order to put them in their place about HOW WRONG THEY ARE to have opposing views to you.

Imagine a world where we could hear someone talk about their opposing views and not get so worked up, ourselves, with a defensive stance, as if we have to put them down and make them feel smaller for what they themselves feel is the best choice, for them.

Imagine a world where we just listen to another and honor that they are sovereign beings, made of star dust just as we are, who have every right to choose what they choose and to love what or whom they choose to love. Imagine that!
— Aquarius Nation

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