I kinda love Valentines day.
Any opportunity I get to make my favorite people feel a little bit more special and loved on I'm all for. I like to keep things simple and natural. White anemones, rose quarts and heart shaped rocks will be hanging out on our table this year. I took a basket and dolled it up with some wrapping paper and pom-poms as our Valentine's Day mailbox. It will be fun to pull out all the cards and read them at breakfast time.  I might even make some heart shaped pancakes and sneak a few chocolates into my boy's lunches.

BC vday table.jpg

Simple & Easy, nothing super saccharine. 

I love a chance to get creative and when I saw these three ideas floating around I was inspired to share. Click on the images to be directed to the detailed projects.

Pretty much everything Terrain does I'm in love with and when I saw this DIY in their latest newsletter I was smitten. So delicate and lovely!

This idea may be so cute it might be enough to get my butt up and get over to the craft store for some copper tubing. Seriously...these would be fantastic any day of the year. I'd like to try a version done with super thin willow branches and stacked like, 5 at a time. 

Last but not least, I love this idea of using handmade arrows as a base for a mobile with pictures of the ones you hold dear. Earthy materials, feathers and tiny pictures...what's not to love? I think this project would be really easy to customize and make your own by painting the feathers or using ones you find outdoors. You could paint the arrow shaft with paints or wrap them with thread. The possibilities are endless. 

Happy Heart's Day loves!
XO, Stephanie

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