There are those music artists that stop you in your tracks the first time you hear them sing. They grab you by the heart, crawl into your soul, and breathe life into your deepest feelings. They so beautifully, so honestly, put into words what you cannot. And a connection is made. It's a soulful experience. Spiritual. Emotional. 


I had a friend who worked in the music industry, and a few years ago she sent me an email about an up-and-coming artist, simply saying, "This woman's music screams you. Your heart needs her music. Just listen." And I remember listening to Elena Tonra (aka Daughter) that day with tears in my eyes. I was hooked. And I've been her biggest fan ever since. (For the record, I still get tears in my eyes listening to her. So much heartsoaked goodness)

Listen to Tomorrow below, and check out the rest of her tunes here

xox. Kelly Ann

Daughter website / Original photo of Elena by Eliot Lee Hazel