Happy St. Patrick's Day boho souls!

Today I am sharing this simple luck and abundance grid in honor of this green holiday. Crystal grids create a vortex of focused healing energy to come into our lives. Our intentions are powerful and crystals can help to amplify them and raise the vibes to a higher level.

For this grid with the intention of luck and abundance, I used a piece of Pyrite, or Fool's gold, as the center stone to draw in abundance. I then surrounded it with clover greens and four pieces of green aventurine for luck, healing, and to open the heart chakra to receive the abundance. Adding live green energy from plants can bring more magic into any grid. Lastly I surrounded the green with four clear quartz points to magnify the power even more.

To activate a grid, use your finger or any other crystal point and starting from the center stone draw a line connecting the stones together, almost like connect the dots. Always bring the energy back to the center stone. For this grid you can imagine the line of energy a vibrant gold or green color. Really visualize the line of energy and focus on your intention. How would you feel drawing in more luck and abundance into your life? The more you can embody those feelings, the more powerful your grid will be.

You can leave this grid up until you feel its no longer needed, or if one of your furry companions, or little ones decide to knock it down (that's when I know its done working its magic anyway). 

Blessings and abundance to you all!

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Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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