This was supposed to be a blog about a Spring salad and soup combo that I thought was tasty enough to share. Just writing that line makes it seem like the most boring thing imaginable. So lucky for you, this post is about something else. Something that sounds easier said than done and I know so many of you out there will be able to relate to this.

Yesterday I gave myself a hall pass to be utterly and completely free to do whatever I wanted. For real. Not just half-assed un-busying but like, full blow, "I'm not doing anything unless it fills me up kinda day". I never do stuff like that. Truly. 2014 has been such a dramatic year for me, everything that has happened has either been knock-my-socks off amazing or had me down on my knees weeping. I'm not really into drama, so needless to say, I'm freaking wiped.  

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I started the day aimlessly wandering around my house in pajamas attempting to clean. The mess and clutter felt like it had seeped into every. single. room in my house, making me feel disorganized and crazy in my head. Then I stopped, realizing that you know what, houses are for living and this is what living looks like these days with 2 adults and 2 kids in 900 square feet. So instead of spending one more second picking up I plopped myself down on the floor in my bedroom and had a little meditation session with my crystals. I intuitively made a little protective grid with various quartz points, amethyst, jade and rainbow fluorite. There was flowing gratitude and big time intention setting. I lit a candle and I pulled a card for my Power Thought Card deck and sat with it for a while, basking in the glow of the sun and marinating in the smoke of the incense I had lit. I spent a good long while with my little altar.

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I stood up refreshed and I made my way over to our disaster of a closet and pulled out the paints and found some paper. I spent at least a few hours playing and it felt so so good to this former freelance artist. After a lunch of "Pizza Salad" aka salad dumped over pizza, I cozied up with some magazines I had recently picked up but hadn't made the time to read. 

All I type this all out I worry that I sound whiny and self indulgent but I'm hoping there are a few out there that this post touches and it inspires you to stop doing and just be for a little bit. Take a mental health day before you completely lose your mind or blow out your adrenals. You being completely used up and burnt out is doing no one any good, especially those that count on you the most.

I leave you with not a soup and salad recipe but a damn good dressing recipe instead. I never measure so I'm leaving you with the list of ingredients I used and you can taste your way to dressing nirvana your way. TGIF loves!

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Bomb Dressing:
You'll need:
~ Unrefined flax oil
~ Juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon
~ Dash of brown rice vinegar
~ Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper
~ Poppy Seeds
~ 2 scoops of hummus
~ 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced

Place all your ingredients in a small jar, screw the lid tight and shake like mad. Enjoy you creamy, lemon-y dressing over fresh greens with plenty of vibrant herbs mixed in like dill, parsley and tarragon. 

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