I came across this collection of images yesterday by Holly Wilmeth on the National Geographic blog and was instantly taken into another world and felt has my friend Rain would say, a Holy Hush.  These images spoke to my soul like not many photographs do.  When I read these words from the photographer, I completely understood...

This project is a series of images that represents the crossroad where woman meets the divine spirit of nature in the form of animals, and where she embraces it. There’s a long history in shamanic traditions and ancient cultures where humans have imbued themselves with the special qualities that animals have and their relationship to the world. Eating a part of the animal, or wearing a part of the animal, or using the animal as a totem deeply permeates us with their special powers. We want to come back to that state of grace where we are aligned with nature as animals are in the right relationship with their environment.
— Holly Wilmeth

Check out the links above to view more of the story and more of her amazing work.  Truly evoking.

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