I feel the energy of Spring seeping up from the roots and out of the bare branches. 
She is still mostly hidden from view outside the walls of my cocoon, but I feel her. Deeply.

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Feeling so called to document the everyday. Seeking out the quiet beauty and energy in my home. Sensing it shift with the season. So necessary in my book, Noticing the small details that make it a H(OM)e. Our home, unique to us. 

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Watching how each change I make also creates my experience for the now and the future.
I release.
I hold tight. 
I honor.
I discover. Over and over again. 
I relish in this, my little slice of the Universe to shape and reshape as needs and desires ebb and flow. How do you feather your nest my love?

Stephanie is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. She works with women to help them discover their inner radiance through the food they eat and the homes they keep. Her newest program focusing on sacred space makingFeathering the Nest is beginning on March 17th. Follow the link to join the gorgeous circle forming. 

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