Winter just seems like it gets longer every year doesn't it?

Then, as if almost overnight we begin to hear and see a different song outside our windows.  The crocus and the snowdrops. The robins and the wrens. The sharp scent of green and the perfume of damp earth hang in the air. 

You might start to notice a burst in creativity, a need to organize and purge or develop a craving for more movement. You are awakening. Our bodies are craving something new, something fresh. This is the perfect time to honor this new energy and the return of the light through the foods we choose to eat. 

Spring is transition. During this time I like to play with warm and cool flavors. Hot grains, wilting raw spinach. Grilled veggies and sauteed beans piled onto some sturdy romaine leaves and drizzled with something yum. A bowl of roasted rhubarb snuggled up with cooling kefir. Simple is always best, so I coach women to begin to choose more high vibrational foods that grown up and out, like leafy greens and shoots. These foods flood your body with much needed fiber and sun energy.

Slowly incorporating more raw foods into your diet is essential. Smoothies, juicing and salads are a good way to go. You can also play around with your methods of cooking too, easing up on the frying and roasting and choose boiling or steaming instead.

Some of my favorite seasonal foods that will help you feel light, creative and flexible just like Spring:

Sprouts :  So fresh and crunchy, I love adding these to noodles and soups. Higher in essential nutrients, enzymes and fiber than other raw foods. They also help you detox naturally. Sprouting seeds, nuts and beans at home is quite easy. The fresher they are, the more nutrient dense they are. 

Fresh herbs : Chives, mint, cilantro, parley, basil, tarragon, scallions or even ramps (wild onions). Not only do these amazing herbs help brighten up the flavors on your plate but they also help to gently cleanse your body. Cilantro can accually help aid in the removal of heavy metals from your body!

Tender greens veggiesBok choy, nettles, leeks, peas, dandelion, mustard greens, spinach, swiss chard, asparagus, fiddleheads and Artichokes. There are a million and one ways to get your green on. I love them in omlets or frittatas, in rustic salads, or simple steamed with a little flax oil and ume plum vinegar.

Soaked seeds and nuts: Almonds, hazlenuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, cashews, etc. The energy contained within these little guys is ignited when soaked. It also helps to remove some of the Phytic acid and make vitamins more readily available for ease in digestibility. Sprinkle on salads or whiz up with some water to make your own non-dairy milks. 

Sorghum, teff, quinoa and millet: These seeds and grains are packed with protein. They cook up pretty quick and make great gluten-free substitutes for couscous, farro or other ancient grains. I love having a big bowl of grain and veggie salads in my fridge for quick lunches.

Fruit: Strawberries, mango, rhubarb and citrus. I love the sweet of fruit mixed with savory. Sometimes I'll make a a spicy Thai inspired dish and add in some mango or make a strawberry salsa to have with our roast chicken. 

Protein: Spring lamb, salmon and eggs are great choices during this season. I like to mix ground lamb with lemon zest, red onions, garlic and middle eastern spices to make patties that I fry up. They taste amazing on fresh greens, drizzled with a lemony cucumber-dill sauce. 


Stephanie is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. She works with women to help them discover their inner radiance through the food they eat and the homes they keep.

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