I love a clean and orderly home. Love it, but...I'm naturally messy. Our bedroom used to be the dumping ground. The last place to ever be cleaned. The place where piles went to be ignored, clothes were heaped on the floor and coats, bags, shoes, you name it were hastily tossed in when company came.

Do you have a room like that in your house?

It was starting to drive me crazy. Space is VERY important to me and even if I know I have one just one clean room in my home, life magically starts to feel more manageable.

About a month ago I completely rearranged out bedroom furniture. It was time and it feels so good to have a newly energized space. It looked great for about two days and then it started turning into the mess again. So I just decided one day, no more. Not again. It was just too draining to have to keep spending so much time on the weekend picking up after ourselves and living it in during the week.

Two weeks ago I started this new thing. I call it my morning ritual. I wake up and pad down the hall to the kitchen, fill our glass kettle with water we collect from a local spring and set it on the burner to boil for our coffee. Then I move back to our bedroom where I make our bed, taking care to re-fluff our down comforters and pillows. I open the curtains and pull up the blinds letting whatever mother nature has in store for us to shine (or not shine) in through the windows. If there are clothes hanging around from the day before I either put them in the laundry basket or fold them up and put them away.

Then I go to our bathroom, brush my teeth, roll on my salt-based deodorant and put my contacts in. I make sure the bathroom counter is tidy and not splashed with water and the sink isn't full of gross toothpaste. Then I find something to wear that fits my mood and begin my day.

Ritual Infusion Bathroom by Stephanie via The Bohemian Collective.jpg
Ritual Infusion bedroom by Stephanie via The Bohemian Collective.jpg

Simple enough, right?

For some people yes. Absolutely, it's second nature. I struggle with stuff like this. I begin too many things at once and forget what I'm doing. I get distracted, little people need things from me, lunches need to be made, I look at what's happening on Instagram. My mornings had no rhythm. I honestly can't believe that I've stuck with it for 2 weeks. But damn it feels so good and I'm kinda proud of myself. I do this ritual in the same basic order everyday and it has helped me SO much.

It feels like a gift. I deserve to have a beautiful bedroom to retreat and rest in. I'm not stressed because my whole house feels like a disaster. I have so much more time because I'm not freaking cleaning up after myself for hours on the weekend.


Ritual by Stephanie via The Bohemian Collective.jpg

The other half of this story is about seduction.

I've done it for two week so now I'm ready to create a new ritual...perhaps for other areas in my home or for different times of the day or the weekend or whatever.


I will not be seduced to add more in, at least least not yet. Two weeks is still infancy stage when it comes to making lasting changes. I'm going to give it a go for a bit longer and once it feels like it's really become a part of me I'll create something new and gorgeous for myself. Sustainability is my mantra.

Ritual Infusion Couch by Stephanie via The Bohemian Collective.jpg

Right now it's all about relishing in this small step. I HIGHLY encourage you to try it if it's something that your feeling drawn too. Perhaps it's not your bedroom, maybe it's in the kitchen. Cleaning the space, washing the cutting board, wiping the stove top off creates new energy. Space is made that you actually want to be in, to create nourishing and grounding meals for yourself. Perhaps it's the living room or the big storage closet or the table piled high with papers that is draining you.

Ritual Infusion by Stephanie via The Bohemian Collective.jpg

It's all about baby steps. Create your ritual, something that brings your deep satisfaction and a little beauty into your life. Do it the same way, same time everyday. Stick with it and don't be seduced to add another ritual in right away. Once the ritual starts it's easier to maintain because you aren't starting from scratch all over again. 

Space is so incredibly important to our well-being. If you try it out come back and let us know about your process and how it's helped you. Have a beautiful weekend loves. 

XO, Stephanie

Stephanie is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. She works with women to help them discover their inner radiance through the food they eat and the homes they keep. 

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