My Solar Altar. This was a lot harder to create than the others. I did not realize how disconnected I am to my solar chakra, the sun, and the yang masculine energy. However I love how it all came together and it reminds me a lot of the desert, which I am very fond of. Pyrite, citrine, yellow calcite, and aragonite star cluster connect you to your inner fire and the Sun card of the tarot reflects this energy perfectly. I was sure to include items you burn like the yellow candle, sage and palo santo sticks. I love the painted agate with the cacti.... I found it thrifting! 

Right now I am in the Arizona desert, my souland, and I am so happy to share the altar with you now. Perfect timing! I am excited to crystal hunt, thrift over here, and commune with the red rocks of Sedona. I brought a lot of crystals with me I will be cleansing and blessing in a vortex at Sedona! This is a rare and very healing experience! I will be selling the stones when I get back, but you can pre-order a very special set, the Healing Warrior, including a meditation in the desert and yellow, blue, and red Tiger's eye!

For more info about this limited rare set read here

And you can pre-order here.

Blessings from the Desert,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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