Poetry & Art Collab by Renea Hanna and Laura Mazurek

Word Alchemist // Renea Hanna

Photo Creatrix //  Laura Mazurek

Flower Crown by Rachael Rice

I am bursting with joy over today's collaboration b/c it represents a full circle of life and emotions between two friends.  Not the art itself, but the artists who created it in unison.  I won't go into much personal detail, but to me this creation is like the budding of new blossoms on roots that have endured a forest fire.  They say that the burning down is actually beneficial to the soil, to bring in new nutrients that were not there before, thus creating new, healthier crops.  Whether or not this is a true thing I have heard, it is a great analogy for the friendship Renea and I hold. 

This is our first in many collaborations to come to The Bohemian Collective, with her poetry and my art, intertwined to create one magical piece of art.  Enjoy.