bird black

I'm thrilled to share some new changes with you today on the boho blog!  First things first is the beautiful new logo designed by Jacquie of Bird Black.  Ive been stalking her instagram for a while now obsessing over every drawing she posts.  She is truly talented.  And, loves all of the same things I love... skulls, feathers, animals, nature.  I am so happy our paths crossed.  Fingers crossed there will be more collaborations with this babe in the BC future!  You must check out her etsy shop b/c you can buy her beautiful prints!!!

As for the site, please just take a stroll around b/c I changed up so many things!  You may notice the BLOG page looks different.  You can now preview the 30 most recent blog posts, instead of having to scroll through millions of photos to get to the next post.  Once you click on the post you want to read, it will take you to our regular blog.  You may notice the whole sidebar looks a bit different too!  The only page I am not done with is OUR STORY... which will come soon.  I simply worked too many hours in a row and I need a break and figured that could wait.

If you ever just want to read posts specifically from one of our editors, just click on their photo badge on the blog sidebar and it will take you to all of the posts they wrote!  There is also a recamped MEET THE EDITORS page where you can get to know each babe a bit more.  AND we are introducing a brand new editor this week, Sadie Rose Casey. 

There is a new GET FEATURED page for those of you who would like to apply to have your work featured, or become a sponsor.  And we have a new CHARITY we are featuring as well.

I think that pretty much covers it!  I know I said I had some really exciting news to share with you today, but I think I am not quite ready to share...  Maybe tomorrow :)  After hours upon hours of working on the site the past few days, I am going to treat myself to a date night with my boy, some good german beer, some live music of some friends of ours and just BE.

(I would love to hear your thoughts about the site, so if you want, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts, xo)