Hello again loves!

I am SO excited to be back here talking about the third part in my Healing Adrenal Fatigue series! In case you missed the first two or want to go back and glean some more information you can check out Part one (all about the food) and Part 2 (all about the supplements). 

Today I'll be covering some really beautiful and simple lifestyle shifts you can make to fully round out your healing experience. Much like the food suggestions, they may sound ridiculously simple but as we all know, life comes charging in and all our gorgeous intentions fly out the window making even the simplest of intentions a bit more complicated. If you are struggling with your health I really encourage you to take your healing seriously and put yourself first. It's the only way to start operating on that higher refequenncy you know you are capable of. You have totally got this love.

So what are these simple lifestyle shifts? Let's get started...

Boho collective // Healing adrenal fatigue ~ Rest

 I know some of you out there are major night owls or are craving some silence after the little ones are in bed. Now is not the time to be burning the candle at both end my dear! Set your bedtime to a reasonable and do-able 10pm. Yes, this might cut into your social calendar but this is about you and your healing remember? Commit to doing this for 1 month and see where you are at. Depending on how you are doing, you may have to keep the bedtime up or may find you have some wiggle room.  

I love a good sweat, but did you know that after 20 minutes of intense cardio your body and adrenals become stressed and begins to release cortisol? Ease off the cardio for a month and then add it back in slowly. During your month off, shift to a 30 minute walk around the block or the beach. Light lifting is ok, but keep it under 20 minutes. 

Boho collective // Healing Adrenal Fatigue ~ slow down

They don't call Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin because it sounds cute, it's actually the best way to get usable vitamin D into your body. Getting at least 15 minutes (start out at 5 minutes and work your way up) of sun 4 times a week, sans sunscreen on your skin has so many benefits. Vitamin D helps to raise your mood, heal wounds faster, is beneficial for those of you with skin disorders like psoriasis, acne or eczema and improves the immune system over time. The goal isn't to roast, so plan your exposure to take place in the early morning or late afternoon.

Boho collective // Healing adrenal fatigue ~ release

If you have adrenal fatigue you are one stressed out being! Even if mentally you think you are doing OK, your body certainly isn't. You need to find ways to constructively let it all go. It's essential to the healing process. While walking and light lifting is fantastic, making time for some seriously stress reducing activity in your day is key. 

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and good sex are all excellent choices. Pick which one you are drawn to or make your own combination. I used to be incredibly intimidated by meditation until I realized that you can start small. You can reap the benefits of a meditation practice by starting out with just 1 minute a day. My girl Gabrielle Berstein has some great simple suggestions on ways to get going.

Boho Collective // Healing adrenal fatigue ~ find your yes

Feeling like each limb is being pulled in a different direction? Something has got to give, right? Learn how to say no thank you. I'm starting to live by the mantra "If it's not a hell yes, than it's a hell no." Now is the time to start filling your bucket my love! This may mean you need to let go of stressful relationships or find true, healthy ways of dealing with stress triggers in your life. Finish up what obligations you have going on and don't add ANYTHING else to the pile unless you feel like it's truly going to enhance your life in a positive way. 

Look in the mirror and smile. That person deserves your love. So much of healing is about learning how to let go. Realizing that your body might not always want to follow the timeline for healing you have in mind and perfection isn't reality. Most people find that when they want to make some pretty big shifts in their life they need a little help. Reach out to resources you have available when it's possible.

 If you ever want to chat about concerns you've got going on, are desiring a more customized approach to wellness or in need a soft landing space, I'd love to hold your hand. Reach out anytime over at Stephanieperkinson.com,  you don't have to go it alone. Have a magic weekend beauties!

XO, Stephanie 

Stephanie is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. She works with women to help them discover their inner radiance through the food they eat and the homes they keep. She has just 2 spots left for one on one coaching for the summer season.

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