Hello boho readers! The last time I posted, I showed you how to make Plumeria and Hibiscus infused beauty oil. I went ahead and strained my oil on the Full moon and tried it out!

Healthy & sexy hair with Plumeria oil - Boho Collective

First I strained the oil using another mason jar to catch the oil and a cheesecloth (you can find this in any baking aisle in a grocery store) to strain the flowers. I kept straining back and forth between the mason jars to make sure I caught all the little plant particles. Just keep folding the cheesecloth to make it a better filter. You will get messy but your hands will be super soft afterward!

straining the plumeria oil - Boho Collective

After you strain you can keep the oil in the mason jar or re-bottle them in different jars, whatever you want to do! Just keep it in a dark cool place for storage. Honestly, I am not sure about the shelf life of the oil, I just know I will be using it rather quickly!

So far I have only used it on my hair, and my bleached, dull, dry hair loves it! I soaked my hair in the oil (concentrating on the ends) and wrapped it in a plastic bag and slept with it overnight. The next morning, I washed my hair like normal. I also let my hair air dry instead of blow drying it - it's nice to give your hair a little break once and a while.

My hair definitely feels more healthy and soft. I have very long hair and don't cut it often (like almost once a year maybe!) and I must say I don't see any of my split ends! That's kind of a big deal! I am going to keep using it a couple times a week and keep you guys posted!

I would love to hear if any of you have made it or tried it!

Love & Flower Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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