By Stephanie Perkinson

DO YOU FEEL IT by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

As the seasons shift, so do we.

I feel like it's taking me quite some time to ease into this harvest season. Perhaps ease isn't the right word. It's almost like being shoved. The transition from summer-time lounging to get your sh*t-together-September can be harsh some years. I finding myself taking gulps when I want to be sipping. The bounty is there, oh yes, I just want to savor.

In between the carpools and the appointments, the homework and the open houses, there is opportunity for peace. Quietly noticing the outer playlist shifting from songbird and sunshine to crow and gusty wind on ocean waves. The inner playlist shifting, from "do - explore - play" to "gather - sit - nest".

Do you feel it too?

How do you work through this new energy? Where does it rest in your heart? In your body? Are cravings suddenly surfacing in order to cope? (pumpkin-spice-everything, please)

As mother nature's energy wanes outside my window, the energy inside these walls gains momentum. The friction is palpable. Trust comes over to help guide me to the other side.

What do you most need my love?

Movement or rest? 
Grilled or roasted?
Stillness or storm? 
Transmute or hibernate?
Homemade or takeout? 
Hunt or gather?

The options may seem black and white but the outcomes and how they make us feel, that is the exquisite gray. Realizing, that sometimes, the answer is both things at once. There is so much abundance to that. Tis' the season my love.

Listen to the whisper and the song of the gulls. Don't push down the grief or wipe away the fear. Let it be. Let it settle and release it on it's own timeline. It will work it's way out. Trust. 

What tools will you gather to help you navigate?


Sink your hands in the earth.
Restore, balance and protect your body.
Bring the connection that is outside, within.

DEEPLY ROOTED - The Autumn Cleanse begins Oct 1st
Let me be your guide....