This is the second installment in a two-part series, wherein I will discuss the elements and their deep symbolism as it appears in the Tarot -- and subsequently, in life. Read the first part here.

Last week, I left off having discussed Water and Air in the Tarot. This week, we will look at Fire and Earth.

Earth/Pentacles/Physical: Earth is often represented by stars or pentacles and is represented by the modern suit of diamonds. The earth element refers to our material being and our physical plane: our bodies, our homes, this planet, things we can touch. Many pentacles cards refer specifically to material wealth, depending on which deck and definitions you prefer to use. Earth is heavy duty! I think if earth is showing up in readings, it asks us to look at our physical health, our physical approach to life. How am I using my body in this lifetime? Physicality can be a tricky one to balance – some of us can become too caught up in the physical world, and we need to call in the other elements to help remind us of the options available to us. Likewise, some people are uncomfortable with physical existence and can be “too much in their head,” and so on. Our bodies are the most important vessels to us in terms of human existence; and in a reading, we can look at other physical aspects, too: Money often relates to earth cards in Tarot. In a reading, you might want to ask, how is money energy manifesting in a physical way for us? Depending on which card is pulled, there are different things that will come up.


Fire/Wands/Rods/Spirit: Oh fire, you fickle friend, enemy, and lover. I think fire so often gets the most attention, because it is so fierce. It is not as subtle as the other elements, and it seems to spin out of control the most easily. Also fire is inextricably connected to romantic passion, a topic that never grows old. Fire represents our spirits…Of course it does! Even as I write this, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for fire. For me, it brings up the memory of that moment when you know something. When you feel that fire in your spirit – for an idea, for another person – whatever it is, that's fire.  Fire is light. Where there is darkness in our life, we must call on our fire when we need it. Fire can easily destroy things when it is out of control; yet things destroyed by fire are also represent the essence of rebirth and new beginnings. Like air, fire means action in many ways, and I think it is one of the elements that represents change the most powerfully.  Fire is strong and powerful, as is your spirit. When fire comes up in readings, examine the spirit of the person in the context of the card. Often we can call in fire through other people and other experiences, but we truly each have an inner fire that feeds us and it is important that we protect, nurture, and honor this fire.


The significance of the elements is endless – both in Tarot and in life. Take note of them, feel them in every moment, every dream, and every situation that faces you. Notice when you are craving water, or sun, or when you feel like you need to breathe mountain air. Notice, too, when perhaps your children need some elemental medicine to feel re-balanced, or when your lover needs to ground out in your earth mama energy. Above all, as you move through life, pay attention to your own elemental composition and learn how to love it, to nurture it, to balance it, to let it glow.


All the Love,

Sadie Rose


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