Last week on the New Moon, I rebirthed my magical e-course program. My heart exploded with love and gratitude, but I also felt physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. I knew I needed to give myself a sacred pause. To allow this completion to be acknowledged.

It is so easy to skip this step isn't? We always have to go, go, and go. No time to celebrate or rest. On to the next thing. And that next day I did need to move on to my next chapter: my yoga teacher training! 

So I allowed myself to have a relaxing and nourishing day for myself. You could call it a DIY: Spa day, but to me it is more than that. Showing up for yourself in love and devotion. Allowing yourself to just be in this moment. It is so so important. 

If you need a day like this... Read on, love. Your Sacred Pause is waiting for you to arrive.

What you need (or what I did, every pause will be different):

  • At least 4-5 hours of uninterrupted time (preferably all day if you can ;)
  • tea
  • tarot/oracle cards
  • something comfy/sensual you love to wear- a robe/kimono/slip
  • bath tub supplies- salts/bubble bath/baking soda
  • crystals of your choice
  • essential oils that smell pleasing to you (wouldn't mind getting on your skin)
  • face mask of your choice (cucumber slices optional)
  • massage oil or lotion
  • music, candles, incense, a tranquil space to evoke the atmosphere you want

I started by slipping into something that made me feel beautiful. This was my kimono of choice.

I drew a tarot card and reflected on it while I made and drank my tea. I drank a chia latte.

I drew myself a bath with lots of bubbles and 20 drops of ylang ylang. Seriously I felt like a sensual goddess. 

the moon lives in the lining of your skin.JPG

In the bath, I also took two drop of tea tree oil (that is all you need) and game myself a scalp massage. Holy goodness we hold so much tension in our scalps.. especially if you are like me and wear your hair up all the time! It felt amazing.

You can also add crystals to your bath for different affects.

these combos are in my Stone Medicine E-course

these combos are in my Stone Medicine E-course

After the bath, I put on lotion lovingly, giving myself a whole body massage. If you can, ask your partner to massage your back, I am sure they will oblige!

I put on a face mask and allowed myself to lay down, surround myself with crystals, and play a soothing meditation. 

This whole day I let myself linger, reflect, take naps, and just be. I journaled. I sang. I cuddled. It was my perfect Sacred Pause to connect with my essence. 

I encourage you to allow yourself to pause and feel the love from within.

Sacred Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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