By Stephanie Perkinson


I took a walk on the beach today. Alone.
This is all new to me. For the last 8 1/2 years I have been home with at least one of my boys for some part of my week. Suddenly I have all this space to stretch out. To remember what it's like to be me...alone. It was delicious.

The air has the nip of fall in it now and there was a gusty breeze but that sun... Oh she was warm! Light danced on the water while the  gulls and plovers came out to play. The grass on the dunes seemed to swayed in rhythm with the boats all moored in the bay. I watched the gulls carry clams into the sky only to drop them onto the rocks and sand below in hopes of a tasty morsel. It never fails to amuse me. I love their resourcefulness.

I have always loved watching the habits and language of animals. I have spent many of my years snuggled up with dogs, cats, horses, goats and even alpacas.

There is something about being quiet and still, just watching, listening and learning.

I used to have zebra finches when I was younger. Their cage was in my bedroom and I remember summers spent reading books on my bed only to glance up now and again to see those two jolly birds, bouncing from perch to perch, building a nest, laying eggs and feeding their fledglings. I learned what each squeak, song, and chirp meant. 

Watching the gulls this morning made me think these languages again. The unspoken words, body language, powerful these things are. I find it interesting how easily I can learn the language of  friends, family, clients and animals yet at times, I remain a mystery to myself.  I  feel so strongly that this new chapter in my life will help me unearth new perspectives and ideas that need light. I'll peel back layers alongside my clients. I'm already seeing what's possible when I choose to live rooted in peace with myself and my surroundings and it's exhilarating. I am re-calibrating for this new season.

Naturally, my thoughts eventually turned to food, the language of food to be exact. The thought makes me smile every time. I believe so deeply that yes, food can talk to us. Food holds love, soul nourishment and such good vibration. 

I feel that the closer to the earth we eat, the more clearly we can hear it's voice. Our bodies desperately want to be a part of this conversation but sometimes our minds, for some reason or another, have other plans. Life swoops in and gets so loud. How do we connect, what is disconnected?

Mind, body and food must commune. I believe this is possible. 

Food loses it's ability to teach us when it's wrapped in colorful plastic or hidden in a box on a shelf. It wants to be naked.

Our bodies can not soak in it's message, it's energy and it's secrets if we have never touched it with our own hands. It needs our embrace.

We must trust the roots when they whisper about the dark and the leaves when they sing about the light. They have stories to tell.

What does the food on your plate want to tell you? An even better question might be...Are you ready to listen?

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