I've been needing a bookmark for my dream journal, so I finally decided to make my own! It is really simple to make, beautiful, and would look good in any journal or book!

What you need:

  • Some yarn or leather string (I have deerskin on hand)
  • A couple of beads (make sure the beads can fit though both sides of the string together)
  • A couple feathers
  • Scissors and glue gun

First: Measure how much leather/string you want to use depending on your book or journal. For this journal, I wanted enough for it to hang down the front of the book. I used approx. 24 inches or so. 

Second: I took a couple of my brass beads and while it is in the book, I pulled the leather through so it created a loop around the book. This creates the page saver and it can be adjustable. *Feel free to embellish and add more beads before you wrap the feathers at the end!*

Third: I trimmed the feather ends so I can wrap some leather easily. The wrapped feathers will help keep the beads from falling off (mine were a little loose still).

Fourth: I have spent a lot of trial and error practicing feather wrapping. It has taken me a while to make it look nice, so don't get frustrated with yourself! I find hot glue works the best to secure it.

  • Glue the feather to one side of the leather ends. Glue down the feather as much as you will wrap it. Give yourself at least 1.5-2 inches to wrap. 
  • Once it is secure to the leather/string, begin to wrap a separate leather string around the quill and leather. Glue one little drop at the base of the feather and begin to wrap. You don't have to glue continuously around the feather if you wrap it tight enough. I find twisting the feather around the leather makes it more even and secure.
  • For good measure glue a drop in the middle, and one at the end. Cut the remaining leather right where you glued it at the end.

Lastly, I glued two little mini crystals (amethyst and chrysocolla)  onto the wrapped feathers bases to add my own little touch. 

Viola! You have an adjustable bookmark for your journals and books! I hope you enjoy! I would love to see what you create!



Boho Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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