Big news! Today at The Bohemian Collective, I am launching The Cabin Diaries, an advice column for all you boho babes out there (and your daughters or sisters or mothers....). Each week, I will post three letters (and my replies) on the Boho Collective blog. 

This is an official call for letters. Please write your heart out and send it my way. You can submit to The Cabin Diaries using the submission form on the webpage, or you can direct email All writers will remain anonymous when the letters are published. Share freely—I assure you that by sharing your heart, you will touch the hearts of others in big ways. 

It occurs to me more and more frequently that we are all in this together. I feel the importance of uniting women wherever and whenever we can. Our stories link us together in ways that we might not know—because it's often so terrifying to really share our stories. 

That being said, let's get going! Send your letters in and the first official column will be posted the first week of December. Tell your friends. Think about what you want to talk about; the possibilities are endless and our writing knows no bounds. If there is something you want to make sense of, or something you're dying to ask someone about but you aren't sure who to ask, this is the place to do it. 

With love,

Sadie Rose