"We only have to turn our own hearts towards
what is real and live in the world within this understanding.
A heart aligned with love, immersed in oneness,
will affect life around it more than we can know."

~ Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee


I once read a quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes that goes something like "The work is to keep doing the work." This has stayed with me since I read her book, Women Who Run With The Wolves. This is a reminder that we are here. We aren't where we used to be, and we can not rely on the future to determine our growth. It always comes back to where our practice is. That is what the work is, our practice. A practice is a practice for a reason; it keeps us on track to where we need to be to lead a fulfilling life of authenticity and love. Each of us will have a different medium in which our practices do this, and this is the reason I call it The Practice of Connecting and Expressing from the Heartspace. 

I can always feel where a piece of art came from in someone. By art, I mean writing, herbal medicine, visual art, music, dance.. you name it. We are here to be fully ourselves, and create from a place of truth and pureness. I know that someone is creating with love, and from the heart when I can instantly feel their authenticity. For some, this comes quite naturally, but for others we need a practice of connecting with our truest Self in order to express in such a way. 

If you don't already have a practice that helps you align with your sacred rhythms, I will share some things that have worked for me. I suggest finding a quiet place in nature where you can contemplate and journal. This will be beneficial on so many levels, especially if the intention is there. For me, journaling in general helps remind me of my core truths and motives; it gives me the space to affirm and set intentions. Being in nature in an unstructured manner is another form of practice that works for me. For others it may be meditation that beings them back, or yoga practice, running or art. Whatever it is, make it a priority. If it's not priority, we won't embody our highest purpose.

There's an importance that comes with expressing yourself purely. I believe strongly that in order for the earth to heal, we need more and more people to step into their heartspace expression confidently; creating an aliveness that can only be found from the inside out. There is no better time than this day in age to step into all that you are. It is our responsibility as stewards of the Earth, to be all the we can. To take responsibility for all of our actions, to stay positive, and love. 



Emily, from Emalee Wildflower is a healer above all. A budding herbalist, and Enthusiast of Nutrition and the Feminine. She offers folk tonic remedies, mentorships and intuitively made medicine. A lover of all things whole and holistic, she weaves together spirit and matter. Blissfully living according to her own wild rhythms. Connect with Emily deeper at her instagram feed, Facebook page, and website

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