Image by Laura Mazurek of  Roots and Feathers

Image by Laura Mazurek of Roots and Feathers

New Moon in Pisces Astrological Readings from Aquarius Nation.

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ARIES ::   So this one may feel a bit pulled back and confusing, but the potential for what is at the end of the line with this, is EPIC.  You are in the space now of being very much contemplative about life and the big picture of things and what is to come and what this all means.  You may even be going from feeling so fantastically inspired to very unsure that you know what is really up. There is strong illusion in this and also the flavor of the trickster who is testing you, yet guiding you into something that is NOT a trap.  Your best bet is to just imagine you are watching a suspenseful thriller movie and you shouldn’t try to predict what will come as there are many twists and turns that the higher power has planned for this story. If you think one thing, it very well may end up being something different! So stay loose with your need to define or understand the end of this situation! Just be open and trust this part of your path!  You are to feel like you are being supported and will be taken care of and things will come out to your favor, because they will.  You just need to let go and allow the divine to lead this way for you. Now I do have to tell you that you may have questions with your career and with your creative abilities and with what comes next or how to execute these dreams of yours…. BUT all of your inspiration and answers are going to come to you THROUGH the meditative and quiet moments!  The answers COME when you are not thinking about them, nor probing into your future for an answer. When you can go to the zero point of silent anticipation, they will start to FLOOD your way. So, do nothing and all that you desire will show up on your path!  Watch the signs!  Read the symbols coming your way!  The language of the messages will be sort of misty and not very clear, but when you GET THEM they will feel clear as day.

TAURUS:: This will be a time were your efforts will be very much directed at the group. This will manifest in many ways where you may be taking care of a lot of details or work that is group oriented, or you may be speaking up and making yourself known within the group.  There is energy here and focus here and something may start as illusion but the light will come to clear the day and bring things more down to earth.  I see things as scattered at first and bright red, so there may be volatile emotions or something coming towards you or through you.  But it does turn purple and then it comes together in a more peaceful and all is good sort of energy. So I would expect that some erratic and crazy land energy is sure to show up on your path, but just hold steady and know that when all is said and done, it will actually create something that is more loving and with coming together on the same page. Now there is also heavy energy with this one that relates to some of your shadow self behaviors that may have been triggered and are showing you a pattern that you have had, but that love in your heart, and compassion in your soul and the willingness to create peace can be what “saves the day” in a way. So you will be tested to contribute to chaos or to create peace and this is based on a past wound, PURELY on something from your past, and purely as something that is only a habit that is showing up in order for you to bring this to a new solution or a new way of expression.  What is upgrading about you is your communications that are within your career or what you put out to the world. So you will be speaking up and sharing something and people will be making assumptions about you in regards to what this is!  So be the noble high vibrational being we all know you to be and say it with love, do it with peace in mind. Take all that chaos and paint it purple by showing it how to create a better form.

GEMINI :: You are FULLY showing yourself to the world!  There is nowhere for you to hide from the publics eye right now as this feels like a TRIGGER and something that will be based on wounds or something shadow self related. Which DOES point to full on healing… so be open to this thing that feels a bit chaotic, blurry, full of illusion and something that actually will pass very soon after it explodes.  There is movement forward and how this unfolds may end up being a surprise to your system!  But do know this is right on schedule and it shifts from confusion or HIGH EMOTION, and into a very settled and peaceful and more loving sort of situation. So if you are still on the high drama emotional end of this, do know that PEACE is on the way.  This also feels very much like quarreling lovers or best friends, who after the heat, a new closeness is established.  This also feels like something from down below, like with the roots, or the foundation, like an earthquake that builds and erupts at the surface of the earth. So it was building, but when it makes it to the surface it creates a better order or some solution to something.  I don’t see this ending in a negative way, but I do see it creating a bit of a storm. Just hold on and move through it. All things pass! And this one is VERY much related to healing some wounds of the past and also with using your words to empower and lift up. Jupiter in your 3rd house is asking you so say it with love and with the flavor of JOY.  What is upgrading about your mind is that you are opening to higher perspectives of why things happen.  This is related to seeing the big picture and focusing on the end result instead of the small details of this little bitty moment in time.  Your mind is expanding and opening to new ways of seeing old things…and they will be based on this your habits that need to upgrade to a higher perspective.

CANCER :: Oh love! This feels like a new day after a time of storms where things may still feel a bit rocky and emotional and a bit off center BUT you can see that there is LAND up a way! I see you floating like out on the ocean and you have been floating along, waiting for inspiration, waiting for land to appear, hoping for the best, but still not seeing a sign or something to confirm that there was a reason for your path.   This also feels like confusion as to what this is for, or what that means, or why that is happening, or things like that.  You have merely been asked to trust and move forward. And for that patient trust, you are soon to be gifted with opportunities that are total AH-HA’s and solutions to EVERYTHING. You are on that wheel of fortune and things JUST clicked into the top and into manifestation and into things moving forward.  You really WERE supposed to feel drowsy and lazy and non active.  And it was that down time energy that is now going to infuse you with creative inspirations and ideas GALORE.  You for sure are someone who is going to feel SO MUCH energy and speed within your career arena… VERY SOON. So enjoy any more days of down time and just tune out by plugging into spirit.  The visions are coming… you are so close! The land is in sight!! You just need to keep moving forward and know in your heart that the closer you get, the more answers and solutions will come your way.  Ride these waves and allow them to bring you to your destination. You don’t have to DO anything.

LEO :: This is one of the THE most relevant times of healing for you! Through your interactions with others, something is going to be revealed about you and your deepest wounds and that which you are to be healing in this lifetime. The light is so coming on in regards to the darkest and most hidden area of your shadow behaviors and what comes to the surface is something you need to delve fully into. This is about a pattern and this is something that has repeated over and over. The thing is that it is something keeping you anchored from moving forward and manifesting some of those hearts desires.  This a heavy weight holding back the blessings and the magic!  And now through something OTHERS oriented, you are going to want to eagerly face this “issue” of yours so that you can move up a level, which is what you are being invited to do, IF you face this head on, without blaming or making another out to be the wrong or flawed one.   Now the key to this is that YOU are to soften up and to be more non-judgmental and compassionate.  Pisces is saturating you and trying to open you to being forgiving and soft and sweet and kind in regards to what is probably YOUR OWN voice with how you talk to yourself, which may be manifesting as how you are talking to others. You are just being asked to love and honor yourself no matter what you look at as faults or deficits with how you have responded or reacted in the past. You are being asked to forgive yourself and just let it go and commit to being and doing better from this point forward.   You are also in years of a reprogramming of how you use the words in your mind, and right now you are being asked to go to the NORTH, go to the love, go to the light, go to the high vibrational way.  What is upgrading about you is that you are learning to be more aware of your words that you use with others when you are not getting what you need.  Your communications WITH OTHERS and how you give them to others is what is changing in your brain.  You are either learning to SAY IT clearer, or to say it with more soft. Sorry! Both ways with this reading!!  Something is waking up and showing you something and I can see from this chart that it is all good and you WILL pass this test…

VIRGO ::  And things are coming together!  People are coming together!  People are wanting to be around you, or join you, or to collaborate with YOU. You are the gift that others so want a piece of! You are like that magic that is missing from the equations being solved.  And you may even notice that you are much more willing to show up and to be there for others, although this may feel forced as you may want to hide!!  It can feel like you are being PUSHED into some limelight and some attention situation and how this will go depends on many matters. You may feel recognized and adored, or challenged and questioned. It depends on the energy of the past 3 months and what has been “building”.  This may also be where you are in the crossfire of others “issues” or lessons to learn. So you may feel like the emphasis is on you, but it really relates to things that others are going through or working on. Other people are the catalysts that are moving this issue forward. Rest assured that this IS provoked by spirit in a way and that there is healing to it, learning to it, and also the ability to move forward in more powerful ways, FROM walking through this.  And as always in these sometimes entangled webs of energy, understand that you are here to see something too through this.  There is healing going all around with this one and while it may feel like a sensitive time, you will come out on top when what needs to be released, is released. What is upgrading about you is that your mind is learning not to be so judgmental and NOT in this moment.  You are rising above being so overly critical of self and with judging yourself in regards to what others expect from you.  You will be learning to just let it go and let it pass on its way. What is happening now is going to be a memory in 4 very quick weeks. Nothing stays the same and most things end up being forgotten.  This wisdom is saturating your mind right now.

LIBRA :: All these readings feel so wonderful and so full of huge shifts!! And yours is right there with them! WOW. You are going through total and utter shifts of your mental space that are aligning you to a much more full of trust path. This feels like an exhale, where you are no longer fighting against the tide and instead are floating with life and floating with these feelings that whatever is supposed to happen WILL happen.  This feels like a deep let go and a surrender, and I imagine that your life will start to change DRAMATICALLY even with your first moments of surrender. There has been a tenseness that was with trying to control or trying to be prepared for something in the future that MAY or MAY NOT happen, but now you have let go of that need to control. And this is the greatest move of your life!  I see this fluttering of new images and your hair is sweeping back as they are coming to greet you like wind, and the point is that these good things can NOW come and greet you! They will come to you! And you will see that the control was only keeping them at bay, but with the first moments of surrender and trust, the new things will start to blow your way.   You also will be very focused now on doing your souls purpose work and really moving forward with conviction and courage, remembering what you really love to do.  One of the things changing is that you aren’t beating yourself up so much and judging yourself and putting yourself down.  That control came from those voices that kept defining you as flawed and not good enough. And you are just ready to let that go, and let in the love!  Your mind is also much more oriented to expressing your creativity, for the sake of expression, and not to make money or figure out the end game.  You just want to be happy and that is that. You just want to be seen for your gifts and that is that. And THAT is the perfect mental space to hold in order to start seeing some amazing changes with your job and with your creativity and with your happiness levels. I see you moving to a space that feels very content and trusting. And from THERE, that space, you can manifest so much more…

SCORPIO :: Oh my gosh!! You are INSPIRED!!  You are like … and this, and that, and this, and that. Your mind is pretty much fully occupied on things of a creative nature and where you are feeling like something has clicked and what it is opening is the opportunity to really feel like what you are providing is important. This chart feels like you are moving into a space where you feel valuable and heard and in your element, where you feel on purpose and full of JOY for life. It feels like this has been in the works for some time, but clarity is coming to situations that weren’t really coming together. I see all these strands that were ideas but they weren’t connecting but now suddenly they are and they are weaving together to create this most beautiful piece!  You can see into the future and know that things are going to get better and that something just feels like it has changed.  Much of this is soon to come but you still can feel it is close, like the way some people can smell that rain is on the way.  Now, what has really changed and is bringing this upgrade to your life is that you are starting to surrender more to the flow of your life and you are starting to trust more with what is going on around you in the world. There may have been things where you were too connected into what was going on outside of you and that had you feeling unsafe and like where you think you need to worry about money or stability or safety… and now your mind is changing to thoughts of KNOWING it will work out and KNOWING that no matter what, you are safe and will be protected. This is the truth, love. And THIS energy is going to bring in some windfalls that feel like the happy days are finally here. Don’t be afraid to take any risks! You are built to bet, and win, on a better future at this time.

SAGITTARIUS ::  So this is a time of absolute and complete focus on the foundations of MANY THINGS. This may actually mean you are moving or will find a new place.  And even if you don’t move, you will be very focused on cleaning up, and decluttering, and getting things in order, possibly even putting together a new creative space in order to focus on some things that are starting to bubble up out of you.  You can feel SOMETHING is birthing or coming to fruition or about to come out of you and you want to be ready.  This may also mean you are waking to things within your personal foundation that relate to your childhood that may have been cloaked in confusion, but now there is this sort of clarity, or at least a willingness to face what needs to be looked at closely.  This time feels very much to me about bringing the light to situations that are home or foundation based. It feels like the curtains have opened and you are seeing things in a better light, and also like I said, feeling very WILLING to do this and not to allow any stone to go unturned.  You are feeling ready and mostly because you can feel that doing this work is going to make the space for something VERY BEAUTIFUL to arrive shortly!  You can feel that a new day is birthing… and it is coming after all this home and roots related work. So keep with it, love. Just plow through what is before you. Keep your eyes on the prize. What is upgrading about you is your MIND and how you are feeling more open to just deal with what you need to face. You are feeling more detached, in a way, to other factors and are going into that martial arts mind that can handle almost anything without losing your cool.

CAPRICORN:: Whoa.  So this is the full on activation of WAKING you to something you have that you are here to be sharing with others.  This is powerful medicine sort of stuff.  It may be a book, or something you have written. It may be artwork, or something you are creating with your hands. It may also be healing abilities that you are able to do with your hands and even your mind, such as with distance healing. But for sure, know that it is THE BOMB and so very powerful and worthwhile.  The planets are aligning to say, let go of the fear and the doubt and the message of others who have criticized you in your past or put pressure on you to follow a path that maybe didn’t feel like your own. This does involve shifting something that is part of your shadow and part of something that is a wound that may relate to trusting spirit.  But seriously, you are golden with this thing and it is going to grow like WILD FIRE.  There may still be a process of unfoldment, but what is on your mind, is oh so valuable and something that will have the ability to grow far and wide in ways that you cant even really imagine right now. But that is not important, not really. You just need to look closely and honor how it is your THOUGHTS of self and what you can really do that have been changing with this Mercury Retrograde and it is focused on your creative gifts and how you really DO need to feel proud of the skills that only you possess.  You are a diamond in the rough… but your clarity is really starting to shine. Move forward on all things that you can share with the world that come from your heart and that relate to power, depth, mystical things, and with making this world a better place to call our own.

AQUARIUS :: This is IT!  The answer is YES. The answer is THIS IS YOUR THING.  The answer is THIS IS YOUR PATH. The answer is, if you value yourself, and hold that head high to the sky, YOU GOT THIS.  You are in one of the most golden opportunities to jump on board with some creative expression that is SO dear to your heart and SO what you love to do and SO what you know you are really good at.  This thing may have been such a long held dream that you almost let it go… and it may also be something that still needs A LOT of work and time to execute and bring to the world, but you at least NOW KNOW that this is something that you could do for the rest of your life as it is something that just makes sense. You are waking up to something. You are knowing in your heart that it is TIME to move forward on this thing and start putting it into action. Now others are highlighted here so this very well may be a coming together sort of thing that feels VERY powerful and very driven by magic, or destiny, or spirit.  What is upgrading about your brain is that YOU are changing in OUR eyes because YOU are feeling more self-love and worth from within. YOU are finally knowing that you ARE ALL THAT, and that is what is shining out of you now. So get ready to sign on the dotted line, to be on the red carpet, to appear somewhere, to be seen, to be adored, to have all eyes on YOU. Smile pretty!

PISCES :: You are going to be ON FIRE with creative juices and really feeling like LET’S DO THIS!! You more than any sign are feeling the benefits of this New Moon in that you will just KNOW this is your time and that what you have dreamed of manifesting in your life is ready to start to come together. It may even feel like you are scaling back in some areas as you truly hone in on what you love to do and what you are really gifted with. There will not be the concerns for money or how you will make this work as THAT area is upgrading as you are seeing that you CAN TRUST this process and CAN trust that if you focus on what you love, with NO DOUBTS IN SELF, that the money and support will show up for you. This feels great, right? The biggest changes that Mercury has changed with your brain is that NOW you have so much more trust in the process and in knowing that if you are guided to do something, it is YOUR THING. You are letting go of the tightness of control and instead sitting back and allowing the universe to finally bring your bounty. The more rest and daydreaming you do, the better!  Soon you will be FULL SPEED AHEAD and you may already be feeling that movement…. But it is really going to build through the rest of February and through all of March. Its going to get WILD!!  But you will love every minute of it. Love your life! You have every reason to be excited for what is to come…