Artwork by  Ashley Percival

Artwork by Ashley Percival

Full Moon in Leo Astrological Readings from Aquarius Nation.

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ARIES ::   So this is wonderful for you my love!  You are fully lined up in ways beyond your wildest dreams to really set the record straight, to really shift your life to a better track and to really shed out of some layers of gunk so that you can know a freedom that makes you think the game has totally changed.  Now, much of this energy is pulled back so this tells me you are in a creation space and in a position to DREAM it up still. So you don’t need to rush to anything just yet, as the pulled back space is where the inspiration is coming from.  You may even be waking to these feelings like you CAN live your dreams out and there will be a fresh perspective to what you are believing is possible. It feels like you are coming out of a hidden space or a darker space and finally are reaching some light and this has you feeling like YES! Do sit with this energy and allow your mind to come up with some creative ideal situations.  Visualize whatever changes you would like to make so that you DO feel more joy in all areas of your life.  Pretend that there is a magic genie sitting in front of you and you only have this one chance that comes one time a year.  And by that, I mean THINK about it.  Think about what you REALLY want to change to live a fully blossomed life.   Also the pulled back is not ending just yet, so be patient!  You are about a month and a half away from pouncing, so honor this dreaming space!

TAURUS:: You will be a sign that MOST benefits from the cleaning up of the house and with really taking the time to get things into order, to get rid of what does not match the vibration of what you want to grow into, and also to do some upgrading of your environment! This is the time to buy things that cost more than what you would normally spend on them, and by doing this you are telling the universe that you CAN afford these items and DO deserve to live a life of luscious luxury.  And if you do this, and if you focus on home and with clearing out things that do not match you any longer, you will be moving into a space of manifesting totally brand new and wonderful career opportunities that are about working with or for others and also about making big impacts in far and wide ways.  So do not discount the importance of cleaning up the house and really scaling down to only the things you will really use, so that you can create some space to grow into. There are amazing things coming your way and if you have a cluttered home, or are holding onto too many things of the past that have outgrown their purpose, then all that abundance will not be able to fit into your already full glass! So dump some things out!  Get rid of them. Donate them.  And do none of this with fear in mind, or scarcity in mind, and only with the consciousness that the more you release, the more you will be able to accept in the coming months! This is IMPORTANT!

GEMINI :: Oh love this is very exciting!  Your mind is probably on fire with so many new ideas and so many ways for how you would like to expand and grow in all areas of your life.  This is FERTILE land and seriously it comes FROM all the space you created from all the things you have let go of and mostly the ones that are mental and break you down and have you feeling insignificant. So, you are changing in that you aren’t buying into how not good enough you are or how not talented enough you are, and instead you are getting ready to utter those words that are like WATCH ME, WORLD! Watch what I got planned!  Watch what I can do! There is a new flame under your behind that is moving you to just DO IT and to just risk it all for the sake of at least trying.  There aren’t as many holds that are reining you in, and this may be from some clearing work you have done recently. Its like you have cut some cords and now you have more energy to move forward on your dreams!   I really see you as unencumbered by ANYTHING. Now this may take a minute to get used to because you are used to things holding you back, but seriously, love, I see nothing holding you back expect your doubt in self. So let that go!! You are wonderful! And you can do and have what you dream of having. If you want to move… or to do a big and drastic shift of environment, see that happening now and you very well may find a new location in no time flat! But own it!! Know that you deserve to go up in layers and up in quality!  Also be open to someone close to you being the one that brings you this news of a new home… or with something like being in a coffee shop and seeing a sign for this available space. But do GO FOR LARGER!!  Get even more space than you planned so that it can contain your enormous dreams that long to manifest into your life! 

CANCER :: Oh boy! Changes are so on the horizon and believe it or not, they all stem from how you feel about yourself.  Now many Cancers are going to notice that they have been acting irrationally and even possibly in hurtful ways but this is something that is really about being fed up, or feeling claustrophobic, which has you just BURSTING and possibly, lashing. Now do know that you ARE in a really big healing space, so everything that comes up is OKAY as it is showing you that maybe you need to ask for more, to seriously voice your needs, or maybe you need to see that those reactions are from something that is like a shadow self behavior.  And maybe this is something that you have continued to do, but then sweep under the rug, and it is time to really face this thing!  Transform it!  Move to the other side of it. What is it REALLY saying when you act like this? What do you REALLY want?  You may be doing a curve ball sort of action so you say one thing but mean another?  And you are to go to the depth of this and get clear on what you REALLY MEAN.  The changes that are happening IN YOU and with how you are gaining more power with your communication, whether one on one or with a business thing, are clearing up pathways to you being able to do more with your career in the next few months. So don’t take anything for granted as insignificant and DO NOT sweep anything under the rug!  What you are expressing that is like a being a crazy loon is something that needs to transform and shift out of you.  It needs to be released.  And that is why it is coming up. But don’t hide it and don’t make it out to be a bad thing, as it is just being a learning and evolving human, but on the other side of its pent up release is a much more beautiful and SELF loving Cancer.

LEO :: It is time to roar a new roar, with an upgraded version of you! This is coming from your observations with others and from what you have learned along the way. This one has much to do with the past and with wanting to set the record straight or to be a better representation of who you KNOW you can be. You have been learning SO MUCH from your relationships, and that is not ending any time soon, but bit by bit, you are changing and you are going to feel stronger and more confident with each awakening that comes your way in regards to YOUR IMPACT, or your part with things. There may have been the emphasis focus on others and on how THEY were responsible for why you feel the way you do or did the things you did, but now there is a sort of surrender into not needing to give fault to anyone and thus, a new and vibrant you is being born.  This is shedding the skins of years of disappointments and years of blaming others and blaming the parents and blaming circumstances and just letting that all go.  When you do, you will start to feel SO LIGHT and so free and so awakened and SO excited for your future!  There is also something sexuality, or possibly death related, as in someone who left you before their time, that may be a wounding that is coming to the surface to be released. There may be anger or frustration around this and a clearing and also a release through words being spoken is required.  Bodywork is in order for now!  This is a great gateway opening for you to get on the table and cry it out!  You can seriously have hard-core healing at this time from those sexual things or those death related things that have you feeling like you are less than now and not good enough. THIS may be the thing that brings the lightness and power back to your roar. 

VIRGO ::  Baby love. You just need to let it go! You just need to surrender into the higher plan of things and not give attention to any of the details that have you losing your mind with wanting to fix this or figure this out or get to the bottom of whatever. For now you are just being asked to trust in the powers that be AND get clear on what you really do want or need!  So maybe you are looking at a problem and trying to figure out how to fix it, when in actuality you just need to focus on the solution and on how that would look.  You are to go to that dreamy space of what you want things to look like, instead of focusing on the minute details of what is before you now and feeling how out of order it all is and then just sitting in that chaos. You are to rise above THIS situation and go to the perspective of this being healed and brought into right action. Go to the end of the story and visualize THAT, and THEN let the universe bridge you from where you are now, into the dream what you long for this to eventually look like.  You are also being asked to clean up, or organize your environment, as this will change the energy so that you CAN have more clarity into these other things.  You may also want to make drastic changes with your eating habits and this will come from something that was inspired by another who opens you to a new way of doing things.  Let the relationship thing go for now.  Just trust that it will come together in the best possible ways. Don’t try to fix it with your mind! You will NEVER figure this out until it is time to bring it to the light.

LIBRA :: Oh love! This is a time when you are to just let it all go! There is so much confusion as to what is going on with work, or what you are here to do and if you are on the right path, and I tell you what, YOU CAN TRUST that you will be taken care of and all will come together at just the correct moment. In fact, you are being encouraged to spend some time outside of yourself where you are either coming together with friends so that they can remind you of how wonderful you are, or to spend time doing things that are for the betterment of others. You have been in a mental space that feels very confusing in my body as I feel you being like, what about this, what about that, how can I change this, how can I do that. And really you just need to take some breaths and let it go. KNOW that you are doing the best you can do and you ARE aware of the signs and the signals that are coming your way and when a decision is to be made, you will make the best one for you.  There is the potential for an attack that is work related and I saw a snake bite, as this feels like something that you did not expect, but I also see that it is not a poisonous snake as I heard LEDUM, which would be what you would take as a homeopathic remedy!  (I love my gifts!!!)  So put your faith into things but keep your thoughts on the end result of what you would like to manifest into your life that has you feeling very creative, alive, joyful and feeling like you have great purpose in life. And DO not focus on all these crazy land details of what may be filling your mind space with doubts and exaggerated fears. Its all good love!!  Don’t worry about anything!! Go to that happy space and stay there for a couple weeks!

SCORPIO :: This will be a great time to think about moving closer to launching something with your career that puts you miles above the rest and sets you apart in some way. Now you have to understand that much of this is based on how much you have been creating a safe and wonderful platform and also learning from your words and how they affect others, AND opening to taking a risk, or doing something brand new that feels like a start over. There are many facets to this reading but it feels like full speed ahead is coming soon when Mercury goes Direct IF you have gotten all your ducks in a row and are really coming at this from a position of CAN DO. There are not to be any doubts in the mind and you are to move forward, letting go of any limits to how far you can go.  There is something with needing to believe in self and needing to know that you ARE gifted and do deserve to live a life of happiness and success.   Creativity is also highlighted and you may feel the need to push right now, but will have more success in about 3 weeks time. But for sure, there is like a fire being lit under your behind and you are READY to do something new and to create an opportunity that feels like it can change your life. Just keep getting the ducks in a row at home, on your base turf, and also let go of any thoughts you may have that say you don’t have what it takes. You are free to put that spotlight on you and see how many flying things you can attract.  The full power of that light is on the way, so BUILD that with your mind and with your visions of how you would like things to turn out.

SAGITTARIUS ::  This feels like a push and a pull to me, where you are feeling the need to move and change something, but not knowing what to do or what this will look like and feeling anxious over what actions should be taken. Do know that there is nothing for you to do right now and you are just feeling something under the surface that is starting to build and will reveal a new platform that you may have to adjust to. See this as you just being very in tune to the truth that change is on the horizon. This may be with suddenly needing to move or somehow changing a comfortable position.  Something will demand that you keep your balance in the face of changing weather conditions.  And it does feel like you are being tested in a way, so you may feel like this is a poignant moment in your life where you just want to get this right.  This also feels like moving through fog so you are only able to see the next few steps and can’t see the whole big picture.  I also hear that this is how it is supposed to be as the little details of the immediate steps are very important and that THEY are more important than the end result.  I think this means that your decisions now are highlighted so that you DO make the best decisions for this future growth that IS about going far and wide and taking things to a much bigger level. These decisions now feel to be career decisions that will really come to play over the next several months. And there may be the element of a big pay off… but don’t focus on that!  Instead just focus on the work that needs to be done now, as it will be shared later in time.  The time is not yet. This is like you are cooking beans from scratch and they are not even close to eating just yet!

CAPRICORN:: Okay power time!! This is exciting and what you are letting go of RIGHT NOW, whether they are habits, or relationship patterns, or jealousy, or feelings of being not good enough, or even beliefs around money or scarcity, ARE changing your vibration so that you will be able to experience new growth in many areas of your life. This feels very foundational, so it is affecting EVERYTHING.  This is also where you will be feeling more safe in the world and trusting that you will be taken care of. So do pay attention to those things coming up now that you KNOW you need to transform and let go of.  They are in your face, so you shouldn’t be wondering what I mean. It feels like a burden lifted too and a clearing out or a cleaning up of something.  This is also what you will make of it, so you are not being forced to do this clearing work, but you will feel in your soul that if you do, things will change dramatically. You can feel that whatever you are letting go of is going to have ripple affects and it may have something to do with more creative writing or more creative art making.  By releasing this density thing, or shadow self thing, or money fears thing, or murky thing you have wanted to keep hidden from others sight, you will have a HUGE burst of clarity and inspired creativity!  I see you moving through a bubble that was holding you back from expansion opportunities, but it was SO THIN and really nothing at all except what you were creating in your mind from these things I talked about above.  So visualize them leaving you and transforming into NEW habits and new ways of seeing the world.  See yourself safe and on purpose. See yourself making huge changes, and risks, that allow you to express creativity and magic in your daily every day life.  Let go of all wounds and fears that have you feeling like you are not supported and are not allowed to dream of the unimaginable.  Let go of the need to be so grounded and “safe FIRST” and instead JUMP and fly FREE into a life of fairytale dreams!  There is a net to catch you! You can do this!  Get ready to LEAP!  (Not yet, but you will know when!!)  Imagine it now and giggle at how magnificent it is and can be if only you create the space for it to manifest.

AQUARIUS :: Okay then!! You are out.  The gate is open. Things are changing and you can feel it in your bones!  Something is changing with the depths of you and this is going to start to change how you relate to others and even with who you attract into your life. You are being asked to let go of needing to be anything too showy for others, or to need their affections or attention. You are to stand unique, proud and LOUD.  You are to shift to the attention of YOU and to bring that aloofness to the surface so that others are drawn curious by you.  This is how we always notice those ones who aren’t looking up and needing attention. Those are the ones we all are intrigued by!  This feels like an energy that does not need to go outward for approval signs as it is related to you feeling more at home in your skin and more confident of your self worth. It feels like before you had these tentacles reaching out saying DO YOU NOTICE ME?  DO YOU THINK I AM SPECIAL? AM I GOOD ENOUGH IN YOUR EYES?  And now you are realizing that you are better off NOT focusing OUT THERE for those things that can only originate from  IN THERE FIRST. In you first. From you first. From the core of who you are. When you love and value who you are, the world just follows suit. So you are seeing signs THROUGH OTHERS behavior as to how good at honoring and feeling worthwhile you truly do feel from your core of who you are. So if they are flocking to your side, you ARE loving who you are and KNOW that you are hella kickass. And if they are still staying away or looking at you hesitantly, you are still in a needy space and this is keeping them at bay.  Just take a moment with this and look through the illusion of why you don’t feel good enough. Where did this come from?  What images gave you the false perception that something is wrong with you?  And on the other side of this energy, you are in for some dreamland heightened creativity!  So know that your self worth is linked to how others receive your creative gifts!  Love yourself first and the world will slurp you up and chase after everything you can offer them!  FACE THIS. We love you!!! You are so loved!! Stop the doubt.  There is no need to ever feel doubt when you got Aquarius vibrations running through your blood!

PISCES :: Okay a couple more weeks and you are FULLY coming out of the closet! So be patient for a little while longer. Don’t make any huge decisions or movements just yet as things are still falling together and about to form a much clearer image for you to see what is really going on. I can tell you that you ARE being tested right now to hold the faith and to trust in the powers that be. You may want to do things and get the party started but you really do need to sit back and allow some more steps to take place. You are going to want to put yourself forward RIGHT NOW and that is not really what you should be doing. You can try, but most likely things wont work out as planned just yet.  Continue to mediate on your life and try to take it easy and be more in stillness if you can. THAT is where your next steps are to be found! NOT in the assertiveness.  In a couple weeks you can assert yourself hardcore, but do know you are not fully cooked and are still a bit raw inside. You are advised to get your working area in order and ready to take on more movement.  You are also being encouraged to not judge yourself when there is non-movement! You need to realize that you are doing SO MUCH work when you are just staying silent and tuning into other things.  If you try to push at this time you will feel very confused about your place in the world and with how others see you.  You may even feel insecure and like you are not even good enough or skilled enough. So stay out of that!! Hold back a little while longer and go rest.  You are to PLAY in the dream world and you will also have MASSIVELY prophetic dreams if you surrender to the slow down of your life that is trying to pull you into analyzing the symbolism of things.   Something is going to come to you and become SO CLEAR… very soon. Allow this to come to you. You can’t go out and make the answer come before its time. You will feel crazy and off center if you do…