Sisterhood: A Celebration

Every year, as I grow older, I continue to reflect on that which is important to me and that which as gotten me farthest in my life. Through it all -- through all the relationships and heartbreak, the joy and the transitions -- there has always been my sisterhood of friends that is the platform for love, contentment, and success. Now, too, as an adult and a professional, I pay close attention to sisterhood and how we can cultivate it and nurture it so that it doesn't fall through the cracks of 9-5, of child rearing, of the daily tasks of living. In my work, I specifically seek out ways to further connectivity with women, and to find ways that we can support each other in our journey toward success. The memories I have of living with my friends in college and in my 20s are some of the very best memories that I have. It's that type of closeness and joy that I want to always cultivate, even if I'm not living with women.

This post is a reflection on the visceral value of sisterhood and of friendship among women. Sisterhood is worth it. It's worth rearranging our schedules and creating time. It's worth paying attention to, being flexible with, and it's worth allowing it to thrive and flourish and feed our souls.

Sisterhood, quite simply, will never go out of style.

If you can, take a moment today to celebrate sisterhood in your life, wherever it turns up, and however you feel called. Take a photograph, write a letter, make a phone call, laugh with a girlfriend. Appreciate the ladies in your life and make a little list of all the ways they make your life one million, billion times better.



All the love,

Sadie Rose

(I pulled all of these images from my Sisterhood board on Pinterest)

Sadie Rose is a writer, designer, and shop owner who lives in Paradise, California. Learn more about her here.