Shots of Love by Stephanie Perksinon for The Boho Collective

I'm a romantic at heart.

I love hearts and flowers and love notes and subtle shades of pink. 
I also struggle a little in the winter. There is only so much that Vit D, citrus fruit and sunny spots on the couch can do to lift your mood. Around this time of year I'm usually declaring that I'm down with winter knowing full well that we have a few more months to go here in the Northeast. Lately I've been feeling like a sloth and I need a little motivation to get my mojo back. So I'm declaring this month is going to be "Love Month". 

This isn't just about Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, I love my chocolates and hearts and sweet cards but I want to take it a few steps further, beyond just one day. I want to infuse my life and home with little shots of love for the whole month. A yummy garland here, a little sparkle there and making time to love my body or treat others in ways I don't normally do. 

I'm gathering up ideas:
Time in an infrared sauna
Booking a massage or facial
Send a love text to one person I adore a day
Buy a few special peeps some random gifts and send them on out just for fun
Actually buy some of that pretty makeup I keep pinning
Hot, calming baths with sea salt and magnesium flakes
Plan a week of really delicious and deeply nourishing meals
Get a manicure
Force some bulbs
Light a candle and send some prayers out to those who need it
Find a new perfume
Meditate with some rose quartz
Bring some hints of fun color inside (garland tutorial below)

Faux Flower Garland
You'll need:
Thread and needle
5-10 bunches of fake flowers (I found mine at the dollar store)

Simply pop the flower heads off their stems and string them through the fabric part of the flower right above the plastic base. I like the way the garland looks when there are lots of flowers squished together. Once your all done with that, make sure there is a enough thread on both ends to secure the garland where you want to drape it. 

Instant infusion of happiness!


Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho collective
Faux Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective
Faux Flower Garland DIY by Stephanie Perkinson for the Boho Collective

I love the idea of filling my month with as much love and beauty as I can muster. Simple stuff, nothing crazy. I read somewhere that people who plan and have something to look forward to are in general happier people. I think this is just the ticket to get me (and you) through the tail end of winter. 

Happy Friday Boho Beauties!
Xo, Stephanie

Stephanie is a certified holistic health councilor who helps other women reclaim what they have lost and supports them as they heal their relationship with themselves, beginning with the food on their plate and the space in their homes. Want to learn more?

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