I'm so happy to share this interview with all of you. Juniper Garza is a friend of mine and also another thread in the fabric of this amazing community of women and creators that we all belong to in this place and time. I chose to share this on the Bohemian Collective because the driving theory behind Beauty Alchemy is self-love, something that is so profoundly important to all of us at this time. For me personally, the message of radical self-love and radical beauty is one that feels like a powerful path to truth and freedom.

Juniper Garza

Juniper Garza

What is Beauty Alchemy?

Beauty Alchemy is an expression of my integrative skincare practice. I birthed the products and practice as a philosophy of self care = self love= holistically healing ourselves. Vanity is a great inspiration to actually make the changes that create the results we wish to see. Much of the inspiration came from my desire to heal the cause of many skin imbalances, which I believe tend to be mostly emotionally related, rooted in our belief systems as well as dietary choices. After listening to countless women and clients get on my treatment table and say “I hate my skin,” I knew something needed to be done. Being an empathic person, it hurt to hear how many people felt this way, and it translated to “I hate myself.” It's like body dysmorphia for the face, this repetitive negative self talk becomes a very self defeating affirmation. I felt inspired to help them heal their relationships with themselves.

From my studies of mysticism, yoga psychology, and the concept that we create our own reality, I came up with Beauty Alchemy as a catalyst for empowerment. By changing the way that we see ourselves and take care of our bodies, we are allowing for our health and beauty transformations to manifest from the willingness to heal on every level.  There is a great sense of freedom when we realize we have the right to choose how we feel about ourselves.

All the emollient products I create are inspired by ayurvedic principles, using proper oils for your skin type or constitution. The application of my products require some self-massage, which can be a powerful form of nurturing, especially if you incorporate positive affirmations while doing so. Self Massage, or Abyhanga,  is a central practice in ayurvedic philosophy. It is almost revered as the fountain of youth in many ways because it’s an opportunity to use your own hands to affirm your own vitality, get your blood and lymph circulating and tonify the muscles and tissues.  It's the best! 

Can you explain the concept behind holistic beauty?

I’ve been an esthetician for 12 years, and early on in my practice, I realized that in order to obtain real results, there is a lot more that is required of us than just a fancy cream or magic pill. Most of what’s going on with our skin is dietary and emotionally related, and the skin acts as a roadmap to what’s going on with us internally and even psychologically; it reveals a lot about how we feel about ourselves. So I’ve really had to incorporate nutritional and lifestyle consulting in my practice in order for people to see real change in their skin.

Can you talk a little more about self-love and how it shows up in your work?

The self-love aspect of Beauty Alchemy is a true reflection of my own personal journey of learning to love and accept myself and become a confident woman. I actually had the belief that I was ugly as a child. It has taken quite a bit to overcome this and arrive to a place in guiding others through overcoming this kind of self-hatred. I feel this sort of crusader/evangelist drive to empower people because of so much of the oppression we face in society is around how we are expected to look.

A lot of my recommendations to people require a little extra time in the day. I often hear “I don’t have time for that.” I like to remind people that that extra time, that extra five minutes is an opportunity to show up for yourself. The Love Thyself Potion was created as a homeopathic remedy to get yourself in the "mood " to begin your daily self love regime.  It's that go-to formula to begin your day in a positive light. So many people have tons and tons of beauty product and supplements that they don’t actually use. The potion is designed to break though these sort of resistances we can face daily.

In addition to your product line, I know that you give facials and Reiki treatments as well. I know this because I’ve had a treatment from you before and it was an amazing experience. What treatments do you currently offer in your practice?

I offer holistic facials which include all organic products, some of which I make myself. Everything I choose is sourced with high integrity, fair trade, sustainable practices. I am also a Reiki practitioner and so incorporate this into my treatments and facials. What I’ve noticed so often is that by relaxing  the facial muscles and feeling good or happy is what makes us look more beautiful. 

We process so much in our brain, and our face really reflects a lot of what’s going on from our minds. there are a lot of us walking around with overworked adrenals and frazzled nervous systems. My goal in a facial treatment is to rehydrate and balance skin as well as to relax people into a state of contentment, which is our natural state of being. if we can achieve homeostasis we are golden. I'm working on that.

What is something you do for yourself when you feel like you need self-love and relaxation?

I incorporate my self-love practice into my schedule and treat it as though it were a job. I feel like it’s really important for me to practice what I preach. What I’ve noticed is that one of the most effective beauty weapons is meditation – my own meditation practice has actually begun to soften the lines between my eyes. Meditation is Free Botox!  I’m also a huge advocate of bath rituals. I add special salts and essential oils, light candles throw in some rose petals, sip lemon water, It makes me feel like a Queen. 

Juniper Garza is a holistic esthetician and herbalist based in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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